Attorney General Johnson Mwanyika of Tanzania

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Mr Mwanyika said further that the team was optimistic to recover around 75 per cent of the 133bn/-, or 99.
Johnson Paulo Mathias Mwanyika is Tanzania's current Attorney General, before Mwanyika was Deputy Attorney General and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.
Mwanyika takes over from Andrew Chenge who is to become an MP.
I am presuming that is not the case and that Mwanyika was trying to pull a fast one on US.
Attorney General Johnson Mwanyika said those recruited had proven competence records.
Johnson Mwanyika is assisted by the Attorney General, Dr.
Mr Mwanyika said yesterday the task force had collected about Sh60 billion in refund from some of the companies involved.
Mr Mwanyika said the priority now is to recover as much as possible of the squandered money and only after that will the suspects be charged in the court of law according to the laws of the country.
Mr Mwanyika said the money laundering Act of 2006, the PCCB Act of 2007 and the Proceeds of Crime Act allow the task team to give priority to the recovery of the money and then prosecute after recovering the money.
Mr Mwanyika said ex-BoT governor Daudi Balali has not been arrested because investigations are still continuing.
The probe team led by Attorney General Johnson Mwanyika said when presenting its report to President Kikwete earlier this year that it needed more time to conclude investigations.
Chairman of the investigating team Attorney General Johnson Mwanyika said that the priority of their task was to ensure that the public money is recovered.
In response, Mwanyika said that it was hard to make any arrests at this moment, because those involved took the money in the names of their companies, therefore the team have to investigate by quizzing those who are currently running the said companies.
Mwanyika said he couldn’t talk about extradition as he didn’t know why Bilali had left the country in the first place, or what he was doing overseas.
Pinda said that Attorney General Johnson Mwanyika had had the responsibility of advising the Minister for Energy and the government in general on the implications of the contract.