Minister of Home Affairs, Public Safety, and Security Lawrence Masha of Tanzania

The MP made it clear that he was ready for any legal actions, but insisted that Mr Masha was the author of the move to silence the IPP\'s Executive Chairman, adding that he had very clear evidence to prove his claims.
In my view, Masha has overreacted by asking Mengi to present evidence within seven days.
Home Affairs Minister Lawrence Masha has also visited the accident scene.
Reacting to the grievances, Home Affairs Minister Lawrence Masha said he had taken note of the complaints and that he was going to work on them.
Mr Masha said this meant that some areas were being left without police service.
Mr Masha said his ministry would also buy nine new vehicles that will be specifically designed to transport prisoners.
Mr Masha said 3,445 illegal immigrants were arrested last financial year in operations in various parts of the country.
Minister Masha said he was yet to officially write a letter to Mr Mengi asking him to prove what he said before stern measures were taken against him.
Mr Masha said that despite the fact that Mr Mengi had the right to expression, he had already posed uncertainty among Tanzanians and he was due to prove the allegations.
Mr Masha said he was happy that Tanzanians have realised they have a role to play in advancing their country, but he also thanked President Bush for the support he accorded Tanzania on his visit early this year.
Responding on allegations that refugees were responsible for criminal activities, Masha said such acts were also in other areas where there were no refugees.
Masha said he did not find reasons for the military to intervene adding that security on around the border was tight and the police were armed ready to deal with the bandits.
Home Affairs Minister Lawrence Masha has said that a seven-day ultimatum given to the IPP executive chairman Reginald Mengi was only meant to help him.
Speaking at a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Masha said that Mengi was only required to submit evidence backing his allegations for the government to investigate the matter.
Mr Masha said that the investigations by the assayers were still going on.
Outlining what was done by the ministry in the past three years, Mr Masha said about 7,568 illegal immigrants were arrested and 5,712 among them sent back to their countries or origin.
Mr Masha said the government was depending on the companys final report to help shed light on how much these companies are really supposed to pay in tax.