Minister of State for Policy, Coordination, and Parliamentary Affairs, Prime Minister's Office Philip Marmo of Tanzania

Minister Marmo said the Parliament was among three pillars of the state, which also comprise the Executive and the Judiciary.
Tuesday,December 18, 2007 @00:02 Also in the NewsComoro’s workshop set to revive TaarabAT keen on new plan to revive athleticsTBL bankrolls darts tourneyAT needs 16m/- for cross country meetThird place consolation for StarsZesco, Simba clash todaySimba pick candidate for top postTartan for new stadium arrivesKili Stars eye third slotKenya, Uganda in memorable Cecafa finalLack of support disappoints golf coachMINISTER of State in the President’s Office (Good Governance) Philip Marmo has urged the leadership of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to work much harder and save the nation from the growing menace of graft.
Mr Marmo said corruption was a societal evil that threatens national economy, worsens poverty and impinges on human rights, and now a public agenda that was covered extensively by the media.
Mr Marmo said although the PCCB was expected to work closely with other law enforcement agents and general public, its operatives were required to keep office secrets strictly under lock and key.
With regard to the polling process, it is SADC's overall view that the elections were conducted in an open, transparent and professional manner," SADC mission leader Philip Marmo said at a briefing on Saturday.
Marmo said it was true the national strategy on war against corruption was fought well if it involved stakeholders and the parliament.
Responding to a supplementary question from Zainabu Gama who accused the former officials of negligence, Marmo said implementation of the strategy would start officially this year and the Parliament will be fully involved.
Responding to requests of the opposition that the government comments on the scandal, Marmo said the government would never work on newspapers reports.
Marmo said there were about 3, 317 government officials who had returned their filled in forms.
Mr Marmo is implying that the Speaker asked for permission from the Executive.
Mr Marmo praised TIC for winning the award but cautioned it against complacency.
Marmo said that each political party in the country has to make sure its members were aware of the laws and regulations governing political parties through their education programmes.
Minister of state in the president’s office Philip Marmo said the government is finalizing formalities for the draft bill, which is ready to be tabled in parliament.
Marmo said anti-corruption laws in the country are outdated and need to be amended.
Marmo said the new legislation would be significantly different from the old one.
Marmo said the Hadzabe -- who until recently had no use for money, organized religion or standard time -- are "the one backwards group in the country.