Minister of State for Good Governance, President's Office Sophia Simba of Tanzania

But winding up discussions on the budget speech for the Public Service Management ministry, the Minister of State in the President's Office (Good Governance, Ms Sophia Simba said the government was not aware of the internal conflicts.
Simba said rape and defilement is a criminal offence under section 16 of the Penal Code 2002 and offenders are not subjected to parole under section 4(b) of the Parole Board Act Cap 400 (R.
Ms Simba said that she is ready for any results because in competition someone can win or lose.
However, Minister of State in the PresidentÂ’s Office (Good Governance) Sophia Simba said she was not aware of the move to replace Mr Hoseah.
We do not have such information at the ministry,” Ms Simba said by telephone from Dodoma last week when reached for comment.
Commenting on the report, the Minister of State in the Presidents Office (Good Governance), Ms Sophia Simba said ordinary citizens have now become slaves of corruption because of growing desire to live better lives without requisite investment.
The King is killed, and Simba is led to believe by Scar that it was his fault; Simba flees the kingdom in shame.
Giving her reaction to The Guardian by telephone, Minister Simba said she did not know anything that had been going on at her residence, as she no longer stayed there.
In a brief telephone interview, the Minister of State in the President`s Office (Good Governance) Sophia Simba said her office was not in a position to make any comments because issues on the Constitution and laws of the land fell under the portfolio of the Constitutional Affairs and Justice ministry.
Cabinet minister Sophia Simba has opposed the recent Government circular on a dress code for public servants, calling it an outdated directive.
Ms Simba said the best way to ensure that public servants dressed decently was to state this in their letters of appointment and warn those dressing indecently through internal memorandums.
Ms Simba said Tanzanians must also accept the fact that the style of delivering services had also changed radically.
Ms Simba said saloon cars were now scattered everywhere to the extent that the roads "cannot even accommodate them.