Minister of State for Regional Administration and Local Government, President's Office Stephen Wassira of Tanzania

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He had reported that Mr Wassira had used a vehicle with Government plate numbers last Friday while campaigning in Tarime for his party.
However, when contacted, Mr Wassira said he arrived with the car from Mwanza to attend the funeral of a former regional police commander and was not using it for campaign purposes.
Before assuming the new post following last monthÂ’s cabinet reshuffle, Mr Wassira was the Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives.
The Minister for Water, Mr Stephen Wassira has said that the government would do its best to get TZS 2.
Mr Wassira said Government also plans to educate farmers in various areas to grow crops that match agro-ecological zones that their areas fall under.
Earlier, Mr Wassira said the Government was preparing a bio-fuel policy that would among other things help it ensure no land, with soils that are suitable for production of edible crops, was given to bio-fuel investors.
Wassira was amongst the ruling party leaders, who had a hard time in responding to electorate's questions during the Tarime by-election.
cover Kibulumu, Bwila Chini and Kidunda areas.
Noting the Tanzanian economys great dependency on water, Wassira said his country was in pressing need of dams and would welcome assistance by Iranian companies in dam construction.
Water Minister Stephen Wassira said in a message marking the climax (22 March) of the International Water Week that the government has been implementing various plans to improve water supply in a sustainable manner.
We face a crisis if we allow further food exports," Agriculture Minister Stephen Wassira was quoted by the state-run Daily News newspaper.