Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources William Ngeleja of Tanzania

Home NewsMore in this Category!Ngeleja leads study delegation to BotswanaSUNDAY NEWS ReporterDaily News; Sunday,November 23, 2008 @00:02 Also in the NewsStars must have confidenceAlcohol sale, advertising policy in pipelineMinister wants solution to Dar water shortageFuel shortage hits Sumbawanga townProsecutor appeal against Rwanda musician sentenceDAILY NEWS ReporterComoro’s workshop set to revive TaarabAT keen on new plan to revive athleticsWork justly, students' Loan Board urgedPosta to deliver letters at door postsThe Minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr William Ngeleja will tomorrow lead a strong delegation of 12 experts to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa to study how the three countries regulate petroleum sector industry.
Mr Ngeleja said the trip has come following a slow reduction of prices in petroleum sector, contrary to the continued falling of oil prices at the world market.
Taking a tough stance against retailers who would overprice their products and resist regulation, Energy and Minerals minister William Ngeleja said such companies faced tough punitive measures.
Mr Ngeleja described as misleading claims that Government taxes and shipping and local transportation costs as reasons behind high pump prices.
Mr Ngeleja was answering questions from journalists on reports that some firms have criticised the new fuel pricing regulations set for gazetting later this month while others have queried the rationale for re-introducing state controls in a liberalised sector.
Energy and Minerals minister William Ngeleja said measures had been taken to mitigate effects of loss of 100MW from national grid following Songas breakdown.
Mr Ngeleja said US-based General Electric Company (GEC) experts had arrived in the country to examine three turbines that failed earlier this week.
Mr Ngeleja said the Government had joined the initiative because its objective was to empower Governments and investors in resource extractive industries.
Mr Ngeleja said the sector had in the past proved that it could significantly contribute to the country's income.
During a meeting at Uganda\s Kikagate sub-county headquarters on Sunday, Tanzania Energy Minister William Ngeleja said his government is ready to support the originally planned $10 million project.
The reason advanced by Mr Ngeleja is that Tanzania government, being one of the shareholders was not given the right to first refusal before Messrs Wilcroft sold off its shares to Petra Diamonds.
THE minister of energy and minerals William Ngeleja has said that the current investment in minerals cannot bring immediate results that people would expect and hence be translated into their daily lives.
Ngeleja said that although the sector has been growing in recent years, a number of challenges.
The Minister of Energy and Minerals, William Ngeleja had since said, Tanzania is pleased to welcome Petra as its new partner in Williamson Diamonds Limited.
Mr Ngeleja said Funguo will invest $ 30.
Minister Ngeleja said the government had sought the views of the House Committee on Energy and Minerals and concluded that Tanesco would leave the negotiation table.
The Ewura chief said Energy and Minerals minister William Ngeleja was expected to open the meeting by giving an overview by the government on what could be done to make the fuel industry fairer to all parties concerned.
Mr Ngeleja was born in 1967 in Bitoto village, in Sengerema district in Mwanza.