Deputy Prime Minister Chaipravat Olarn of Thailand

Olarn was a senior adviser to Surapong.
the funds would be enough to shore up the Thai stock market.
Speaking during a live television program, Olarn said if the six measures were implemented by 80 percent, the economic growth rate would remain at 4 percent in 2009.
Olarn was quoted by the Thai News Agency as saying that he had met with Finance Minister Suchart Thada-Thamrongvech and agreed that the funds would be enough to shore up the Thai stock market.
As for the increasing unemployment rate in Thailand due to the global financial crisis, Olarn said the government is finding ways to respond to the problem.
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Speaking during a live programme on NBT, Olarn said if the six measures were implemented by 80 per cent, the growth next year would remain at 4 per cent otherwise the growth would be lower than 4 per cent.
The Chinese yuan could become the world's dominant currency and surpass the US dollar, the euro and the Japanese yen due to the global financial crisis, according to Olarn Chaipravat, a deputy prime minister overseeing economic policy.
Dr Olarn said the crisis had taken a sharp toll on the capital positions of international banks, with $380 billion in capital erased from US banks and $220 billion from the European banking system.
The first priority for the BoI meeting is to accelerate the approval of applications for BoI privileges as private investment is critical to help drive the economy next year,'' Dr Olarn said yesterday ahead of its meeting today.
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A learning organisation, says Dr Olarn is an organisation that can adjust and be ahead of the business requirements in the industry in which it is working.
Mr Olarn has arranged a meeting with owners of tourism businesses tomorrow to evaluate the situation and discuss the tourism plan for next year.
Olarn has responsibility for the broad economy.
Olarn said lower interest rates were positive for the economy but were not necessary at the moment.
Olarn said he expected tourist arrivals to fall to 13.
Olarn said the government would spend about 1 billion baht over the next month to help stranded tourists, including giving them free hotel rooms and a daily stipend of 2,000 baht.