Minister of Education Charoensiri Srimuang of Thailand

Mr Srimuang said violent acts involving students have been increasing and measures to control student behaviour were lax.
Mr Srimuang said information regarding violent acts involving students would be collected and used for reviewing the ministrys student punishment regulations.
College director Sumdee Imkaeo, who signed both orders, said Mr Srimuang had already paid the college for its part in the organising and souvenir making, but she could not recall the figure.
Mr Srimuang said earlier the idea was a win-win situation, as teachers could get lower interest rates on loans and the SSF could enjoy an investment return of 5% from lending at such rates instead of the low figure it gets from its deposits with commercial banks.
On Monday, Mr Srimuang said the SSF should benefit from higher returns through lending to teachers who were good debtors.
Srimuang said that the duty of a minister was to steer his or her ministry according to government policies.