Minister of Tourism and Sports Kowsurat Weerasak of Thailand

venues and hotels and environmental restrictions on industry.
in drafting development strategies.
Chartthai would offer vouchers allowing citizens to choose the years they want financial support, a programme that Mr Weerasak says would encourage greater commitment to higher education and skills training as most would use the vouchers for more expensive, advanced courses rather than for cheaper, primary education.
Mr Weerasak has a pragmatic view on economic policies.
Weerasak is due to hold a foreign press conference at BITEC exhibition hall in Bangkok, which opened on Monday as the international flight check-in for the U-Ta Pao airport although the later is some 200 kilometers from Bangkok.
Weerasak said he would do everything to send news to the world that Thailand is doing its best to send stranded travelers home.
Weerasak said the ministry would host a discussion with representatives of the Customs Department, the Immigration Department and related private and government agencies over additional assistance measures.
Weerasak is due to attend a foreign press conference at Bitec Bangna, the second city terminal which is open today for international flight check-in.
helm at the ministry on February 7, 2.
and Chanthaburi to facilitate tourism and logistics.
Weerasak said that 7,000 travelers were stuck at the airport when it was raided, more than double the figure given by airport authorities at the time.
Weerasak said the ministry would open information centres at four Bangkok hotels, where airlines could set up desks and travellers could reschedule flights, get new tickets and check in.