Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Thepsuthin Anongwan of Thailand

Mrs Anongwan is the wife of Somsak Thepsuthin, whose political rights are suspended due to knowledge of the April 2, 2006 electoral fraud committed by his former Thai Rak Thai party, now dissolved because of it.
Anongwan said there were several reasons for the split.
She added that the group had no problem with Pracharaj Party leader Snoh Thienthong but, after having read harsh remarks made by Snoh about them, Anongwan said she would not meet Snoh in person.
Anongwan says the project has a high possibility to be successful, and the ministry is also accelerating the study of water diversion at rivers in the neighboring countries like Laos.
Ms Anongwan is said to want exact details on how much land each department is in charge of and may ask for any land that is not being used by these departments back to the care of her ministry.
Mrs Anongwan said the party has not prepared about the decision because it was unexpected.
Mrs Anongwan said she will fight the case with the Constitution Court.
Mrs Anongwan was picked by the party's first general meeting, held at Sukhothai Technical College in the North.
Mrs Anongwan is the wife of Mr Suthep, a former executive of Thaksin Shinawatra's Thai Rak Thai party, and under a five-year ban on direct participation in politics.
Mrs Anongwan said the PPP has not given any signal about a house dissolution.
Mrs Anongwan said yesterday that farmers were free to decide what was best for them.
Anongwan said any encroacher would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Anongwan said that if a Parliament dissolution is to take place, all sides must follow standardized political rules to avoid problems.