Minister of Planning and Finance Emilia Pires of Timor-Leste

up with a personal friend, billionaire George Soros.
people by investing in industries such as agriculture.
CAFAGNA: Two-year-old William Pires was born into an independent East Timor.
Secretary of State for Natural Resources, Alfredo Pires is one of the new generation of East Timor leaders.
CAFAGNA: Emilia Pires is the country’s Finance Minister.
East Timor's finance minister Emilia Pires is in Australia, where she is speaking with government and business leaders about investment opportunities in her country.
The country's Finance Minister Emilia Pires is in Australia where she is meeting government and business leaders including members of the business council about investment opportunities.
Emilia Pires says security and stability are among the chief investor concerns, and it was an issue she discussed when she joined me in the studio.
amounts of money from the petroleum funds to avoid instability of the country.
East Timor’s finance minister Emília Pires knows that wise investment of its $3 billion fund is crucial to the country’s poverty-stricken population.
Pires had been working in public service in Australia, where she had been living since 1975.
Finance Minister Emilia Pires says she will receive a consultant's review of its management in two to three months.
Emilia Pires is the Finance Minister.
Emilia Pires is Head of the National Planning and Development Agency in the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor.