Minister of Communication and Civic Education Kokou Tozoun of Togo

Togo’s Foreign Affairs Minister Kokou Tozoun said if Gnassingbe resigned it would leave a dangerous vacuum.
Kokou Biossey Tozoun is a Togolese political figure, currently serving as Minister of Justice.
After serving as Minister of the Civil Service, Work and Employment, Tozoun was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in the government named on July 29, 2003.
Togolese Foreign Minister Kokou Biossey Tozoun had a clear message when addressing the almost empty General Assembly of the UN: "Democracy has become a reality in Togo," the Minister said, knowing that his audience was mainly domestic.
During his meeting with President of Benin Mathieu Kerekou, Tozoun expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by Benin to the Togolese refugees.
Communications Minister Kokou Tozoun said the government had nothing to do with the weekend attack on Mr.
Tozoun says the government condemned and deplored the incident.
Foreign Minister Kokou Tozoun said that if Gnassingbe, 39, resigned, it would leave a dangerous vacuum.