Minister of Agriculture, Land, and Marine Resources Arnold Piggott of Trinidad and Tobago

Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott says Trinidad and Tobago is not facing a food crisis.
Piggott said while the nation is importing much of its food "we are producing substantial quantities of food in Trinidad and Tobago.
Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott has broken his near six-month silence only to confirm what the country already knows – he has been asleep and is therefore ignorant of the true state of affairs, a statement from the UNC-A said today.
Piggott said that given the “fresh farm lands” and the availability of technological advances, not many farmers were needed to grow crops.
As he elaborated on his position that there was no food crisis in this country, Piggott said that although flour and rice are scarce and expensive, there are alternatives available which provide the same nutritional value.
Meanwhile, TT Minister of Agriculture Arnold Piggott has said that the government’s budgetary allocation for agriculture for the 2008/2009 fiscal year is expected to surpass $TT1 billion compared to the 2007/2008 period in which the sum of TT$0.
Addressing the Regional Agricultural Investment Forum at the Guyana International Conference Centre at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown last week, Piggott said that the lands, which are state lands and which were primarily used for sugar cane cultivation, are to be located at Jerningham, 108 acres; Edinburgh, 354 acres; Orange Grove, 100 acres; Caroni, 100 acres; La Gloria, 364 acres; and Picton Estate, 1,203 acres.
Speaking about ‘The Mega-Farm concept in Trinidad and Tobago’ Piggott said that the land identified would be made available through lease and joint venture arrangements with private investors.
Giving a background to the project, Piggott said that the government’s vision for the sector is that by the year 2020, TT must be competitive and possess the capacity to sustain this competitiveness by becoming adaptive, technology-focused and market-driven in order to create resilience.
Piggott said it was the intention of the TT government to submit its findings to Caricom so that the regional coordinating policy mechanisms will ensure that in the  efforts to move towards food security, countries do not duplicate efforts within the same food groups and/or commodities.
The new faces also include former journalist Neil Parsenlal, who will serve as minister of information while Arnold Piggott has been replaced as the Minister of Foreign Affairs by Paula Gopee-Scoon.
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad: Trinidad and Tobago 's Foreign Affairs Minister Arnold Piggott has responded to the expulsion of two Caribbean Journalists from Antigua and Barbuda.
Piggott said he had been in contact with the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda and had been assured that the two expelled journalists can re-apply for entry into the island once the necessary immigration documents are submitted.
Minister of Agriculture Arnold Piggott says soon the country will start producing more of its own food.
At a press conference at Kapok Hotel in Maraval Piggott said a third green house would be coming under production of cucumbers as early as next week, with three more green houses to be constructed soon.
Piggott said that approximately 35 acres of land, comprising 13 grow boxes covering 468 square metres and two green houses, had already been brought under cultivation at Tucker Valley where a combination of root crops and vegetables including cassava, corn, sweet potatoes and tomatoes were planted.
Responding to a question on the state of a Memorandum of Understanding for Trinidad and Tobago to supply Jamaica with liquefied natural gas, Piggott said at present, supply was not on stream and noted there has been dialogue between the respective Prime Ministers informing Jamaica on this country's natural gas supply constraints.
Minister Piggott said the impending establishment of the T High Commission in Uganda will deepen existing ties between both countries.
Piggott said high food prices are caused by “unnecessarily long supply chains for local produce, very unreasonable mark-ups, an inadequate production and marketing information systems.
Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott is assuring that there is no food crisis in the Country.
with Canada and to expand tourism.
Piggott denied that land seizures are being contemplated, but acknowledged that the government needs to keep building 10,000 houses a year to meet the population's needs.
Paul Seegraves of Piggott was named coach of the year in both divisions.
MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE, Land and Marine Resources Senator Arnold Piggott says there is no food crisis in Trinidad and Tobago.
What we have been doing is seeking to prepare such that we don't find ourselves in a crisis," Piggott said yesterday during a Press conference at the Kapok Hotel in Port-of-Spain.
This was the first time Piggott had spoken publicly on the growing demand and cost for food.
Trinidads Minister of Foreign Affairs Arnold Piggott says the Cabinet agreed to make 20-million TT dollars in financial aid available to Jamaica.
NEW Works and Transport Minister Arnold Piggott is being asked to probe the assignment of four Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles purchased by his ministry last September at a cost of $865,000.
As for the highly-priced products, Piggott said once farmers organised themselves into large groups, they would be in a position to benefit from economies of scale.
Piggott was on Friday September 29, 2006 appointed a Senator and a Minister by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Patrick Manning.
Piggott was also appointed to serve on several Cabinet Sub-Committees following his Ministerial appointment.
Piggott had brought to market three (3) International Credit Cards, conceptualized the design/ambience of 33 ATM lobbies including Off-Site locations, redesigned/rebranded and delivered to market replacement ATM cards in keeping with the Corporate Image of a major local Bank.
His Excellency Arnold Piggott has facilitated the realization of a sixteen (16) member trade mission from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Trinidad and Tobago, resulting in a number of mutually beneficial partnership and business agreements.
Arnold Piggott is married to Allison Wendy Kitson-Piggott, a Canadian trained Microbiologist, and is father of two sons and one daughter.
Arnold Piggott is greeted by Nova Scotia Minister of Economic Development, The Honourable Kerry Morash on his visit to Halifax.
Piggott was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on November 8, 2007.
A former banker with twenty-five years combined experience within the financial services sector of Trinidad and Tobago, Minister Piggott was also a consultant to leading banks in the CARICOM member states of Jamaica and Barbados.
Minister Piggott is married and is the father of two sons and one daughter.
AGRICULTURE Minister Arnold Piggott has broken his near six-month silence only to confirm what the country already knows – he has been asleep and is therefore ignorant of the true state of affairs.