Minister of Works and Transport Colm Imbert of Trinidad and Tobago

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The Government of Trinidad Tobago through its Minister of Works Transport, Colm Imbert has denied rumours that it is purchasing a $63m Private Jet for its own use.
Trinidad Tobago's Works Transport Minister Colm Imbert denied any knowledge of claims made by the former PNM Minister and refused to answer whether TT's Prime Minister Patrick Manning would be required to appear before the Commission.
Colm Peter Imbert is a politician from Trinidad and Tobago and is a member of the House of Representatives of Trinidad and Tobago and the People's National Movement (PNM) and is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Diego Martin East.
Colm Imbert was born on the 30th of July, 1957.
Imbert said crime was not only homicides and gang warfare.
Imbert said one of the biggest crime problems - the killing of witnesses-started in 1985 in the case of the State versus Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, who was charged with perverting the course of justice because he was alleged to have a witness change his testimony.
Imbert said the case was dismissed after the witness, Mervyn Hall, was killed and all the files disappeared.
Colm Imbert has stated that no money has been paid by cabinet for the acquisition of the hotly debated Bombardier jet.
Transport Minister Colm Imbert has advised that due to the Churchill Roosevelt Highway/ Uriah Butler Highway Interchange project, there will be a traffic diversion for the residents of Bamboo Village No 1 in "the near future" and motorists will no longer be able to use the current exit out of the area.
There is no decision or commitment on a fixed design at this point, and that will determine whether it is a monorail, light rail or heavy rail, Imbert had said last week.
Construction of the infrastructure of the railway track itself will begin in January, 2007, Imbert said last week.
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert had admitted that the present structure of the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) can lend itself to abuse.
problems, and high blood pressure would benefit.
heard was that the UNC would “spend 25 cents and steal 75 cents.
Imbert was imputing improper motives to a MP.
Minister of Works Colm Imbert has taken offence at comments from certain people writing to the local papers in Trinidad and Tobago and in particular to one person who took issue with Imbert for saying local economists are hysterical and irrational.
COLM IMBERT has to deliver north/south water taxis and 500 resurfaced roads before the general election.
Like Imbert is his Cabinet colleague, Jarrette Narine.
Transport Minister Colm Imbert is admitting that issuing a contract has delayed the computerisation of the licensing department.
Imbert said the Department was earmarked for upgrade years ago.
Nevertheless Minister Imbert said new moves are underway to make things better at the Department.
Imbert said politicians have rights too.
Professor Imbert is ill and will not be going to the awards ceremony,” she said.
She also noted that the St Lucian born Professor Imbert was recently honoured by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, receiving the Pioneer Award on May 18.
Of her husband’s achievements, Mrs Imbert said he is one of the key movers behind the local engineering profession.
Minister Colm Imbert was reportedly at his father’s side and not available for comment.
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert said the project marked the first phase of the long-awaited Interchange.
This is the beginning of a solution to the serious traffic problem that has plagued road users in TT for a very long time,” Imbert said during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site of the project yesterday.
Imbert said the ramp would allow traffic to flow north of the Uriah Butler Highway, thus avoiding the intersection.
Imbert said the next phase of the Interchange project would involve the construction of an elevated bridge (Package B) from the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to the Uriah Butler Highway.
Imbert said negotiations were expected to be completed within the next two weeks, at which time his ministry would determine whether they would proceed with that particular contractor for the extent of the package.
This has expanded the PTSC's fleet to a pool of almost 230 functional buses, Transport Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday.
Imbert said the travelling public should also look out for more buses as the Government aimed to have at least 300 buses by the end of this year.
In a stern voice he says: If a plane carrying Prime Minister PatrickManning and Minister Colm Imbert was suddenly blown to smithereens that would be a tragedy.
Colm Peter Imbert is a politician from Trinidad and Tobago.
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Colm Imbert is the Minister responsible for transport between Tobago and Trinidad at a time when the nation is reportedly booming with gas and oil dollars.
Imbert has exhibited a sense of arrogance during this time in office and we hope that his attitude is not a hindrance to Tobagonians and Trinidadians getting a service, which they so rightly deserves.
there is a problem such as a delay or cost overrun.
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert says the ultimate solution to the flooding that has been experienced by those who live close to river banks in flood prone areas may be to have them relocated.
Even as he praised the Highways Division of his ministry for plugging a gaping hole of about 200 cubic metres on the Diego Martin Highway within 36 hours, Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday that about $30 million.
Works Ministry crews were out early yesterday working on sections of the Diego Martin Highway which collapsed, as well as numerous landslides, debris and other problems washed down by Thursday nights continuous 12-hour rainfall, Works Minister Colm Imbert has said.
Man-Made Mess Posted: Friday, August 29, 2008Inflation inches to 12%Imbert on flooding: Need to review drainage systemThis was how Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert described the heavy rainfall, which triggered flooding in several areas in TT within the past few days.
Imbert is proposing legislation for a problem created by successive governments.
Drivers who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and refuse to allow a breathalyser test could be jailed, Transport Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday.
Imbert said the need for such legislation came to the fore recently during crime talks between Government and the Opposition.
Imbert said the Bill would create an offence of driving or attempting to drive or being charge of a motor vehicle while the concentration of alcohol in the blood exceeds a prescribed limit.
Imbert said the legislation also empowered the police to require persons involved in an accident to provide a specimen of breath for testing at the scene of the accident or at a police station.
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert has defended the integrity of the bidding selection for the Government's $15 billion rapid railway project but is mindful of the perception some may have about the process if the contract is awarded to the consortium that includes Bombardier Transportation.
The Prime Minister is not involved in the evaluation of the tenders nor is he involved in the negotiations nor will I be involved in the evaluation of the tenders, Imbert said in response to a question from the Express about the integrity of the bidding selection during yesterday's post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall.
Imbert said the Cabinet Ministers have no role in the selection of a preferred bidder and was only involved in establishing the policy that value for money will be the determining factor in the final contract.
Imbert said the end result will be a merit list of three bidders and Nidco will then begin negotiations with the one assessed to be the strongest to try to get a fair and reasonable price for that consortium.
Imbert said the process is called the Qualification Based Assessment (QBA), which is being used more and more in countries like the United States for complicated projects such as nuclear power plant, railway systems and airport construction.
BiographyPortfolios HeldCommittee Membership (5)Bills Debated (12)Motions Debated (14)For almost thirty years, Colm Imbert has been serving Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region in his core profession of Civil Engineering.
Imbert is a member of two major international bodies, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Society of Construction Law.