Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Conrad Enill of Trinidad and Tobago

Energy Minister Conrad Enill said yesterday that energy prices would recover once confidence is restored in the larger world economies.
php?newsId=MjU0Mg===QnVzaW5lc3M=', content:'Energy Minister Conrad Enill said yesterday that energy prices would recover once confidence is restored in the larger world economies.
Enill said that Government was expected in the new year to introduce a new fiscal regime for PSCs, sign three PSCs, negotiate PSCs for three other exploration blocks and host a new bid round for five offshore blocks and another bid round involving deep water exploration.
Improve water supply or maintain cheap gas?'Govt's $2b dilemma Juhel Browne Source: Trinidad Express Monday, January 21st 2008Motorists could find themselves paying more for gasoline and diesel at the pump sometime in the not too distant future but Energy Minister Conrad Enill says they are already doing so out of their taxes anyway.
In an interview yesterday, Enill said the Government was in the early stages of examining the possibility of a reduction in the $2 billion a year State subsidy on gasoline and diesel which is paid for out of the taxes it collects.
You ever notice the PNM always quotes figures that make them look good? Why not quote the price of gasoline from a nation that produces oil and gas, eh Enill?) Enill said the record high oil prices are forcing the Government to make some hard choices regarding the use of subsidies and gave the example of the ambitious restructuring plans for WASA which is projected to cost a total of US$2 billion (TT$12.
Minister of Energy Conrad Enill said the country's gas could find its way to other markets in the long run including India and China.
Senator Conrad Enill is the Minister of Energy and Energy Industries.
Prior to this Minister Enill was a member of the Finance Team responisble for themanagement of the economy during the period 2001-2007.
Minister Enill has over twenty six (26) years in the private sector and six (6) years in the public sector and has practical hands on experience in delivering results.
Enill said the measures “represent only phase one of the plan to re-engineer the taxation structure for petroleum companies in Trinidad and Tobago.
Enill said other pieces of legislation such as the Unemployment Levy Act, the Fiscal Incentives Act, the Income Tax (In Aid of Industries) Act, the Income Tax Act and the Corporation Tax Act all have consequences for the taxation of the oil sector.
Also playing a part in accumulated revenues were individual and corporation taxes, Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Conrad Enill said at Whitehall in Port of Spain.
Asked if he felt the country was getting its monies worth for each $pent, Enill said the process Government has at its disposal"gives US the best opportunity at having monies spent efficiently.
Americas: Trinidad And Tobago - A Booming Economy With Enough Energy To Expand - Finance Minister Conrad Enill Is Steering One Of The Fastest Growing Economies In The Western Hemisphere.
Mr Enill is steering one of the western hemisphere's fastest growing economies, which is expected to expand by 6.
In addition, Enill said calypsonian Cro Cro who is best-known for his pro-PNM music got $20,000 from the NLCB.
Enill says Obama’s policy was long-term.
Conrad Enill Says The Budget Is Being Reviewed.
Conrad Enill says the budget is being reviewed.
Energy Minister Conrad Enill said ONGC - which has subsidiaries operating in hydrocarbon related activities in 13 countries across four continents - will bring its vast experiences and knowledge to Trinidad's energy sector.
In so doing, there are potential synergies that can be realised between our state companies and be of tremendous benefit to the people of this country," Enill said of the new partnership.
CROSS-BORDER GASProgress finally on Kapok/Block1 and 5b/Block 4 While negotiations between teams from Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela over the unitisation of cross border gas blocks 6d (Trinidad) and Plataforma Deltana block 2 (Venezuela) grind on slowly (energy minister Conrad Enill says a “specific agreement for exploitation and development” is now being drawn up), what of the other two pairs of cross-border blocks that are known to exist?Some work is proceeding quietly, destined to move the process forward so that once the Manatee (Trinidad) and Loran (Venezuela) gas discoveries in 6d and 2 start being jointly developed, the rest can follow in a reasonable time frame.
With significant expenditures needed to satisfy the country’s demands for infrastructure and water, Enill said Government must now “balance the use of the resources so that the most amount of people benefit.
Recalling that the State has already removed significant costs from citizens in areas such as education and health, Enill said citizens now have greater levels of income and “the way they have chosen to spend this income is on consumption.
Energy Minister Conrad Enill said five shallow marine blocks that will be part of the bidding process are on the eastern and northern coasts of the twin-island Caribbean nation.
Our evaluation indicates that the blocks are likely to be gas-prone and offer great potential for enhancing our gas reserves," Enill said at an IBC Energy Caribbean conference.
Enill said that in the current circumstances, with oil prices being sold "below $40/bbl" on the world market, the move by the gas producers to determine prices "is good for Trinidad and Tobago because we are going to benefit from that.
Junior Finance Minister Conrad Enill is being described as a meek follower of constitutional dictator, Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
PNM Campaign Manager and Minister in the Ministry of Finance Conrad Enill is confident that the decision of Arouca MP Camille Robinson-Regis not to contest general elections, will hot harm the party.
PNM Campaign Manager and Junior Finance Minister Conrad Enill is insisting that the party will not be conducting any more surveys.
Enill said during his interaction with the Tobago House of Assembly, Chief Secretary Orville London has always had Tobago's best interest at heart.
Residents say for sure that Minister Enill is not the minister who owns the land.
News reporting in TT is badEnillEnergy Minister Conrad Enill said yesterday news reporting in TT was "bad.
Trinidad & Tobago is expected to remain one of the strongest sovereign economies in the Latin American region, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Conrad Enill said last week during the Caribbean Energy Conference at Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain.
Trinidad & Tobago Oil and Gas Report Q4 2008, Enill said this was largely attributed to the fiscal and foreign reserves built up in recent years, as well as the trimming down of public external debt liabilities to around 6-7 per cent of GDP.
Enill said the implementation of its plans to achieve these goals, the Government has initiated the promotion of exploration and development activities in existing fields, opening up new acreage for exploration with a view to increasing the reserve base, the establishment of a second natural gas based industrial estate, the further development of gas transmission systems and the application of appropriate incentives to stimulate investment.
Enill was appointed a Senator in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago and Minister in the Ministry of Finance.
Enill is the holder of a Masters Degree in Business Administration (M.
Enill is a member of a number of Cabinet appointed sub-committees including: the Standing committee on Energy Matters, the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Standing Committee on Business Development.
Enill is a past Governor of both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and also served as Governor of the International Finance Corporation, the International Development Association and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.
Enill has lectured and conducted seminars regionally on Modernizing Organizations and Strategies for Change.
Enill is dedicated to national development through the growth of the oil and gas industry, but is also is very much aware and sensitive to the socio-economic challenges that face our country and those within the region.