Minister of Health Jerry Narace of Trinidad and Tobago

Narace said there were 32 cases in St Patrick in 2002 but by the 28th week of this year there were six.
Referring to the death of eight-year-old Sasha Bickram from Dengue fever last Saturday at the San Fernando General Hospital, Narace said his Ministry was awaiting the pathologist report before saying her death was due to dengue.
Narace said the cyclical trend of dengue was related to warm temperatures and abundant rainfall trends over the past few months.
Narace said according to the met office the rainfall patterns were quite high at the time of peaks in the number of dengue cases.
Narace said his Ministry was working with the Ministry of Local Government to take the necessary precaution to ensure dengue did not escalate.
On Thursday, Health Minister Jerry Narace said there was no outbreak of dengue fever in Trinidad and Tobago.
My alarm bells really started to ring, however, when I checked the archives of the Express and found the following:Caricom Single Market a reality Caricom passport by March 2006 By Irene Medina Wednesday, January 18th 2006 Jerry Narace Head of the CSME Unit, in Trinidad, Ambassador Plenipotentiary Jerry Narace has also revealed that to-date some 2000 Caricom professionals have applied to the CSME Unit in Trinidad for certification to allow them to move freely for work and business purposes in the country.
Narace said of this amount just over 700 have been approved thus far.
In fact, the CSMETT website says the following:So far, some 2,000 applications have been made for Skills Certificates, and Narace said to date just over 700 certificates have been awarded to allow Caricom nationals to enter the labour market in the region.
According to Mr Panday, Minister Narace has been trying to play-down the fact that there is a significant number of persons currently infected with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever as a result of mosquito infestation caused largely by government's neglect of public health and poor maintenance of drainage infrastructure.
Health Minister Jerry Narace said Monday that the establishment of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is in keeping with the development agenda of the Caribbean population.
Narace said that training and capacity building and provision for specialised laboratory services should remain the corner stone of CARPHA.
Muradali believes that Narace is embarking on the same public relations gimmicks used by former Minister of Health, John Rahael, to paint a rosy picture of a serious and distressing situation for patients accessing healthcare in Trinidad and Tobago.
Muradali feels that maybe Narace is following in the footsteps of his Prime Minister in addition to blaming the people for everything and not accepting that the Government was responsible for the delivery of quality healthcare for all the citizens.
And while farmers are not listed among the first beneficiaries of free movement, under the CSM, which came into effect on January 1, 2006, Narace says that ultimately every Caricom national will be able to move freely across the region.
Caricom's dream, an old one dating back to the shortlived Federation (1958-1962), is to have a united and so deeply integrated Caricom region that people will no longer be seen as Guyanese or Bajan or Trini, but as "Caricom nationals", Narace said in an interview last week.
So far, some 2,000 applications have been made for Skills Certificates, and Narace said to date just over 700 certificates have been awarded to allow Caricom nationals to enter the labour market in the region.
Narace says little can be done to help sick kids - ctntworld.
While the health sector's ability to deal with acute ailments and emergency paediatric situations has taken a step forward, the list of children needing surgery to correct chronic health conditions continues to grow.
But Health Minister Jerry Narace said unfortunately very little could be done at the time.
Narace said Government is working on improving the sector's capacity to perform technically complex surgeries which cannot be completed in Trinidad and Tobago.
Narace said that while he is sympathetic to the plight of the many children with problems which can only be dealt with abroad, many of the tiny tots will have to wait as Government continues to improve the ability of the local health sector to handle these cases.
However, Minister Narace was unsure as to how the Prime Minister's call for financial adjustments in the coming year would affect the Ministry's projects, particularly those dealing with children.
Health Minister Jerry Narace has denied allegations that he violated the Integrity in Public Life Act 2000.
TRINRE Executive Chairman Rani Lakhan-Narace had admitted that the company insures PTSC buses, but said that arrangement was made before her husband's appointment as Minister.
But in a release, Narace denied Dr.
Speaking in the House of Representatives recently, Minister Narace said the monies were spent to take of care patients who could not be facilitated at public hospitals.
Trinidad and Tobago’s Health Minister Jerry Narace said the migration of nurses and doctors from Caribbean states has cost regional governments US$17 million between 1998 and 2000 to train others.
Narace said a shortage of nurses is one of the most critical areas affecting the health sector on a local and international scale.
Narace is angry over statements made by Gopeesingh, accusing Narace of using his connections to get untendered contracts for his family's insurance company, Trinre.
Narace is a former director of the company, which is run by his wife.
These allegations are false, spurious, irresponsible and clearly an abuse of parliamentary privilege," Lakhan-Narace said earlier this week.
And Narace said he is confident that he would be cleared in an any investigation by the Integrity Commission.
Read related story: Narace threatens Gopeesing: 'Jail eh nice!'Narace is close to Prime Minister Patrick manning and is also the Public Relations Officer of the PNM.
I have then and I am now categorically denying these allegations," Narace said in a release to the press yesterday.
I wish to reiterate my belief that any investigation will doubtlessly prove the allegations made by Dr Gopeesingh to be baseless and unsubstantiated," Narace said yesterday.
Speaking to reporters after the opening ceremony of the Barataria Mental Health and Wellness Centre yesterday, Health Minister Jerry Narace said as soon as they were able to ascertain evidence and validate that the virus was spreading at a rapid rate, they issued the statement.
However, when asked to validate his findings, Narace said they were still accumulating the numbers, but said he was sure they were enough to issue a release at this time.
HEAD of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) Unit, Ambassador Jerry Narace said earlier this month that though timelines of 2006 and 2008 have been scheduled for the implementation of the Single Market and Single Economy components of the CSME, aspects of the Single Market have already been in operation.
Narace said then: "The correct number of skills certificates issued by Trinidad and Tobago to all the various member states at last count was 719; Antigua and Barbuda 13; Barbados 71; Belize 2; Dominica 33; Grenada 26; Guyana 114; Jamaica 191; St Kitts and Nevis 7; St Lucia 46; St Vincent and the Grenadines 29; Suriname 19 and Trinidad and Tobago 168.
Of the benefits, Narace said that "prospects for social and economic development are phenomenal.
And now that nurses and teachers have been added to university graduates, sports persons, media personnel, artistes and musicians, as professionals granted free movement for work, once granted a Certificate of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills Qualification, Narace said the region would fare much better in the global environment.
In a statement to parliament last Thursday Health Minister Senator Jerry Narace said that the government has awarded a contract to China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) for $477.
Minister of Health, Jerry Narace is particularly pleased with the installation of a committee that aims to address such diseases in Trinidad and Tobago.
The UNC shadow Health Minister says he has been keeping a close watch on the Health Ministry and believes the evidence is overwhelming, that Health Ministry Narace Jerry Narace has failed the sector miserably.
Health Minister Jerry Narace is convinced the Design Build Approach is a good formula for the country to get value for money in the construction sector.
Health Minister Jerry Narace says citizens must not take lightly the potential of natural disasters.
Health Minister Jerry Narace is confident he will be vindicated following investigations by the Integrity Commission into his connection with Trinre The Insurance Company is being operated by wife.
Narace knew what he was going to do and Mohammed wasnt ready for it at all.
Ambassador Jerry Narace is still walking around.
Narace Under Probe Posted: Thursday, December 4, 2008NARACE UNDER PROBEIntegrity Commission responds to Gopeesingh's Trinre chargesHealth Minister Jerry Narace is now being investigated by the Integrity Commission, following a complaint that his family's business has been receiving state contracts.
Narace said the ministry intended to move forward with its plans to establish facilities,such as the one in Barataria, in order to focus on mental health promotion because it has recognised that all health problems must be addressed in a holistic manner.
Narace was appointed Minister of Health.
Narace was addressing a breakfast meeting last week hosted by the Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance companies (ATTIC) at the Hilton Trinidad.
In updating the 40-year old Association about the CSME developments, Narace said that issues pertinent to the insurance industry will be mostly dealt with under the Single Economy aspect of the CSME expected to come on stream by 2008.
Narace said that under the CSME insurance "businesses will be able to source capital and the best human resources wherever they may be located in the region, to enhance their competitiveness.
Narace said the negotiations with the EPAs was crucial because of greater market access for the region.