Minister of Finance Karen Nunez-tesheira of Trinidad and Tobago

Nunez-Tesheira met with Dubai's minister of finance, tourism managing director, senior officials at Dubais International Financial Center and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, and the chief of Dubais Chamber of Commerce.
Minister of Finance Nunez-Tesheira is available for interviews on June 23rd.
25-09-08 As Government insists that diversification of the economy is the way to go, Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira said that the energy sector will remain the backbone of the local economy for the next decade.
Nunez-Tesheira said Government expects the energy sector to produce revenues of $ 19,924.
Nunez-Tesheira said that this data is available to enable strategic planning for the downstream natural gas sector while an independent certification of the country's oil reserves will be completed by January 2009.
Nunez-Tesheira said that the range of investment opportunities for pension funds registered in this country was relatively limited, in relation to the quantum of assets available for investment.
Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira said Thursday Prime Minister Patrick Manning will tell the nation on Sunday night what measures government plans to take in order to deal with the effects of the economic crisis and the anticipated $6 billion in revenue in the current fiscal year.
Speaking at a budget forum that the Ministry of Finance hosted on September 23, Nunez-Tesheira said the cars that use premium fuel are very limited with a vast majority of cars falling below the required octane level for premium fuel.
PreparationSo now, as Don Wehby carefully reviews the candidates for the Jamaica IFSC Implementation Committee and prepares to interview for the post of chief implementation officer, Karen Nunez-Tesheira is cheerfully announcing that Dubai has agreed to provide Trinidad "with the road map and necessary technical assistance to ensure success.
Nunez-Tesheira has said that Trinidad's policy framework on legislation, regulation and tax, together with the draft organisational structure for the TTIFC, will be in place by the end of this month.
Secondly, Nunez-Tesheira was careful to make a distinction between Trinidad's planned Special Purpose Economic Zone (SPEZ) and the normal Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the latter being "an enclave defined with physical borders.
Nunez-Tesheira was speaking at yesterday's launch of the 2008 Programme of Training and Development initiatives by the Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.
Trinidad and Tobago's Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira is expected to announce measures to deal with the impact of rising inflation, increased food prices and the high demand for housing when she delivers the 2007/2008 Budget today.
Nunez-Tesheira is also expected to elaborate on the Government's plans to establish an International Financial Centre in Port of Spain, during her historic Budget presentation while the global financial markets are struggling to recover from last week's stock market crisis on Wall Street.
In an interview on Friday at the Red House, Port of Spain, Nunez-Tesheira was tight-lipped regarding any of the Budget details she would be announcing today and was more willing to speak of the significance of her reading of the 2008/2009 Budget in the context of the impact women are having on the political landscape.
At first, Nunez-Tesheira said she never thought much of this when she was first appointed as Finance Minister by Prime Minister Patrick Manning, the man who held the Finance Ministry portfolio for the past six years.
Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira says the Government "got it wrong" when it based the 2008/2009 Budget on an oil price of US$70 per barrel, but noted yesterday that several other energy-sector based economies also made similar judgments using the same economic data.
Yesterday, Nunez-Tesheira said "having realised that it has not panned out" as expected, the Government is taking "responsible" action by readjusting its expenditure projections for the remainder of the 2008/2009 financial year that began on September 1.
Karen Nunez-Tesheira is an accomplished professional in the field of law who plans to dedicate her considerable energy to helping the constituency of D’Abadie/O’Meara to soar to new heights.
Nunez-Tesheira was in New York to promote her country's International Financial Center, which opens later this year.
Nunez-Tesheira said the new premium gasoline price was not targeting the middle class, even though a large number of car owners, including taxi-drivers, use premium gasolene.
Minister: Gas hike will curb road rageNunez-Tesheira said the new premium gasoline price was not targeting the middle class, even though a large number of car owners, including taxi-drivers, use premium gasolene.
We're saying we're in a strong position and certainly we're looking at contingency modelling," Nunez-Tesheira said during yesterday's post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann's.
Nunez-Tesheira said the Cuban-run Tucker Valley mega-farm began operation in June and would produce crops in the last quarter of 2008, while the model farm at PCS Nitrogen would begin crop production from next month.
In another update, Nunez-Tesheira said the International Financial Centre would be facilitated by establishment of a tax-friendly special purpose economic zone, and by a new regulatory Securities Act due for Parliament.
Minister Nunez-Tesheira has written two legal texts, one on probate practice for the English speaking Caribbean and the other on ethics in the legal profession.
Minister of Finance Karen Nunez-Tesheira said yesterday the Government is satisfied that the slowdown in the US economy and the volatility in the US stock market has not had any significant impact on the T Stock Exchange (TTSE.
Nunez-Tesheira said any impact of the slowdown of the US economy on T would depend on the magnitude and duration of the slowing.
Nunez-Tesheira said despite problems in the US economy she expects that world oil prices will remain high.
Nunez-Tesheira said this represents some measure of insulation from the current turbulence in the global marketplace and new opportunities.
Nunez-Tesheira said there are several factors being addressed and changes being made to ensure a sustainable domestic capital market in light of the international scenario.
Nunez-Tesheira said in terms of local legislative reforms, Government is currently finalising amendments to the Financial Institutions Act 1993, the Securities Industries Act, and the Central Bank Act.
Nunez-Tesheira said several initiatives led to T’s readiness to engage the international economy on a competitive basis.