Minister of Trade and Industry Lenny Saith of Trinidad and Tobago

Lenny Saith is Trinidad and Tobago's new Minister of Energy.
Saith is to be sworn in by President George Maxwell Richards.
is to be discussed by the Finance and General Purposes Committee of Cabinet.
Prime Minister Patrick Manning was received by Dr.
contract for the project last year.
of both firms in December 2002 and signed in August 2003.
From this new bidding round, Saith said he expects, "plenty bids, plenty money.
Saith was speaking at the launch of the Natural Gas Institute of the Americas at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, Brechin Castle, Couva.
Saith said the Government had expressed interest in the development of seven valued-added energy-related projects representing more than $ 8 bn in direct investment.
Saith said the entry of new industries into Trinidad and Tobago meant the introduction of innovative technologies and expertise to the domestic landscape.
for Pointe-a-Pierre, will be a joint venture agreement between World GTL and Petrotrin costing an estimated $ 101 mm.
Saith said that the project was currently awaiting a CEC Clearance from the Environmental Management Authority to begin construction.
Hey hey, ho ho, Lenny Saith has gotta go.
Energy minister and acting Prime Minister Lenny Saith says the money will help develop local businesses and maximize domestic capital within the sector.
Doctor Saith says emphasis will be placed on drilling programs and other aspects of exploration.
In an address at the south chamber and geological society’s annual conference this morning, doctor Saith said the development will span over the next two years.
Addressing the topic ‘the energy policy of Trinidad and Tobago,’ doctor Saith said government has already completed negotiations with three gas companies.
Doctor Saith said the first concrete steps toward realizing that objective are being undertaken via a feasibility study, which will be concluded by December.
Lenny Saith said Wednesday that while the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Caribbean and the European Union was "not perfect" it was the best negotiated agreement for the region.
Saith said the agreement, which is expected to be signed in July by CARIFORUM - the Caribbean Community and the Dominican Republic - "replaced preferential (treatment) with reciprocity and at the same time provided strong development components.
Saith said international economic realities today require nations to sign free trade agreements like the EPA.
Saith said the plant would create spin-off industries such as the production of plastics and PVC pipe, helping Trinidad break out from its dependence on oil and natural gas revenues.
Saith was in Doha for a meeting on Monday of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, of which Trinidad is a member.
Saith said Trinidad and Tobago, the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the United States, had no position on the issue.
Saith said he had no interest in joining a separate gas-exporting group in South America mooted by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez in a visit to Argentina in March.
Energy Minister Dr Lenny Saith said Friday that the existing production rate is 3.
As to who is acting for the AG, Saith said it was Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis.
Lenny Saith has been appointed as the new Minister of Trade and Industry in place of Dr.
Saith has been chairing a number of Cabinet Committees and, with his vast experience, continuity is assured.
The Point Lisas Industrial estate is to benefit from projects worth US$4 billion Energy Minister Dr Lenny Saith said yesterday.
Saith said discussions towards defining project agreements are continuing for the establishment of a US$1.
Saith said NUCOR is also proposing to go further downstream with its operations in TT.
Saith said the possibility of future LNG trains would only happen after domestic gas demands are satisfied.
In the search for more gas, Saith said new acreage for exploration is being offshore while government is seeking ways to advance cross border talks with Venezuela for the unitisation of reserves that straddle the borders of both countries.
Saith is an experienced politician and he would know that despite what the US terror experts may say, the Trinidad and Tobago Government will need to take action to eradicate the levels of poverty which exist in the country at present in order to deny terrorism a breeding ground.
Saith is now the PMs preferred choice.
Saith is that he has been chairing a number of Cabinet committees, and with his vast experience, continuity will be assured.
Barely six months into his new Government, Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday morning "fired" one of his few senior front-line MinistersDiego Martin West MP Keith Rowley who was replaced as Trade and Industry Minister effective immediately.
Lenny Saith was appointed Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister in the 9th Parliament in November of 2007.
Saith is an engineer by profession.
Saith was intimately involved during his first stint as Government Minister and the fact that the messy issue led to certain aspects of his assets being placed in a blind trust.
In a telephone interview, Saith said the new business proposals for BWIA's future, which was handed to Cabinet six months ago by the Arthur Lok Jack team, is to be discussed by the Finance and General Purposes Committee of Cabinet.
Saith said he was neither confirming nor denying reports, which first came out of the PNM General Council, that BWIA was to be privatised.
Acting Prime Minister Lenny Saith has said Manning was hospitalized at Havana's Center for Medical and Surgical Research.