Minister of Legal Affairs Peter Taylor of Trinidad and Tobago

A tall, angular offspinner and stubborn left-hand bat, Peter Taylor was plucked from such obscurity to play England in 1986-87 that it was assumed the selectors had mistaken him for Mark Taylor.
But with 3 matches to play, Taylor was replaced in a controversial manner by Howard Wilkinson, who won the next two matches.
Taylor was sacked two months after the start of the 2001–02 season, with Leicester bottom of the league.
In November 2000, whilst managing Leicester, Taylor was appointed caretaker manager of England for one match.
In November 2002 Taylor was appointed manager of Hull City who were weeks away from their move to the 25,404-seat KC Stadium.
Taylor had returned to manage England's U-21 team for a second spell in 2004, combining the role with his job at Hull.
A few weeks after his departure from Palace, Taylor was appointed manager of Conference team Stevenage Borough in November 2007.
Taylor had a successful start to the 2008–09 season as Wycombe went on an 18 game unbeaten run in the league.
Taylor is most famous for his managerial partnership with Clough.
The two first met in 1955 at Middlesbrough, where Taylor was a reserve goalkeeper and Clough an up-and-coming striker.
Taylor was among the first to spot Clough's potential as a forward and helped him break into the first team.
In October 1962, Taylor was offered the manager's job at Burton Albion.
Wycombe manager Peter Taylor has a doubt over Lewis Hunt ahead of his return to Priestfield.
Peter Taylor was born in New Zealand and completed his education in London and Paris.
Since 1985, John Maxwell Taylor has been moving through the collective madness with joy, spirit, and strength.
Taylor is best known for his short stories, which are usually set in his contemporary Tennessee and which reveal conflicts between old rural society and the rough, industrialized New South.
Pete Taylor is based in south-west London.
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point, Peter Taylor had been publishing fiction for fifty-six years.
he called "the long green hinterland that is Tennessee.
as a consummate master of the art of fiction.
Film editor Peter Taylor was responsible for cutting such major Hollywood films as The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) and Franco Zeffirelli's operatic Otello (1986.
Peter Taylor was born January 8, 1917, in Trenton, Tennessee, the youngest of four children of a privileged Southern family.
after dropping out of Vanderbilt in 1937 to sell real estate.
Taylor says he was influenced by Ransom: I think had a real influence on the form my writing has taken.
teetotaler and someone who enjoyed and needed her privacy the counterpoint to his own sometimes heavy drinking and his insatiable need for company.
Taylor has never seriously deviated from either of these features of his work, and readers quickly become familiar with the characteristic slant of Taylors vision.
Taylor lived in Ohio and overseas, in addition to the south.
after Taylor had been writing for more than 50 years.
Taylor said in an article in the Columbus Dispatch, April 26, 1987: Ive always written regularly but have never had very much general attention.
Peter Taylor is a baritone soloist based in Sheffield and Birmingham, England.
Peter Taylor has spent nearly forty years working in senior positions in both book and newspaper publishing.
January 8, 1917, in the small west Tennessee town of Trenton.
1940, Taylor was drafted into the army.
a place for themselves in a new environment.