Minister of Labor and Small and Micro-Enterprise Development Rennie Dumas of Trinidad and Tobago

frowned on stationary vending on the city's streets.
excerpts from news =Guardian news today 24th dec 2003 Minister of Local Government Rennie Dumas has suggested setting up vending stations close to commercial.
Labour Minister Rennie Dumas has issued a call to workers—at the 11th hour—to think again about participating in today’s one-day “national strike.
In an interview yesterday, Dumas said the original call for today’s protest action was based on industrial relations issues.
Dumas said today’s protest had become “a political programme with a larger political agenda.
Dumas said the Government continued to demonstrate its commitment to “better working and living conditions for all workers in the country.
TRINIDAD-LABOUR-Minister urges workers to back down from planned protest PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC - Labour Minister Rennie Dumas has urged workers to back down from plans to stage a national strike on Monday to protest.
This Minister Dumas said was in keeping with the country's mission of achieving developed-nation status by year 2020.
Another government minister went on an attack in Parliament Friday in an attempt to shift blame for food inflation from the Manning administration to the private sector.
Dumas said food prices are going down internationally but said that's not happening at home.
PNM Tobago East MP Rennie Dumas said in Parliament Monday people who want to build a Hindu temple in Tobago must buy the land because public land is for public purposes.
Minister Dumas is now said to be awaiting information from the corporations chairman in order to commence the provision of further help to residents.
18th September, 2008The Minister responsible for Co-operatives says government is not at this time considering a bail out for the Hindu Credit Union Speaking at today’s Post Cabinet News Conference, Rennie Dumas said the Commissioner of Co-operatives must first do his work, before government takes any position on the issue.
Labor Minister Rennie Dumas said yesterday, as he sought to convince the House of Representatives that Trinidad and Tobago had been spared all the trauma other countries have been experiencing because of high food prices.
We have oil and Manning," Dumas said to another round of resounding desk-thumping, as Manning rocked back in a chair, laughing heartily.
Labour Minister Rennie Dumas has promised to work closely with trade unions in several different areas once these groups host a successful People’s Summit of the Americas next year.
Rennie Dumas has been a teacher, a manager and policy analyst prior to becoming a Senator and sitting Minister of Local Government.
The Labour Minster is confident of a formal social compact between Government, the business community and the labour movement Rennie Dumas says the groups have been talking things out all along.
Yesterday… Minister Dumas supported the Prime Minister’s view… saying he took comfort in the fact that plans to discuss the further development of SME’s “predated any warning the country would have had.
Local Government Minister Rennie Dumas has been high in praise for the performance of NEMA Tobago.
Dumas had some 35 days to provide answers to Mark's WASA-focused questions about the number of consultants employed, the size of expenditure on a welcome party for CEO Grimes, and the emoluments paid to senior management.
The first is that the situation would not have been futile as Dumas had an answer, only that it was unverified, whatever that means.
Political agenda in 'national strike'Labour Minister Rennie Dumas has issued a call to workers--at the 11th hour--to think again about participating in today's one-day "national strike.
Joseph: Gangs to be outlawed Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008Kamla ready for budget replyBakr denied motion to challenge ActCharged for Eid sermonJudge rules Act valid Bakr faces terrorism trialRamesh: Take actionCalls on Speaker to refer to 'assault' outside ParliamentDumas: HCU bailout talk prematureLabour Minister Rennie Dumas said yesterday that it is premature to say that the Government is going to bail out the Hindu Credit Union (HCU) at this point in time.
We have been spared all that, not because people are mild-mannered but because the extreme conditions that drive people to that kind of action have not existed in Trinidad and Tobago," Dumas said to thunderous table-thumping.
Trinidad and Tobago is lucky, we have oil and Manning," Dumas said to another round of resounding desk-thumping, as Manning rocked back in a chair, laughing heartily.
On the issue of prices, Dumas said Barbadians were leaving their country to come to shop in Trinidad and Tobago groceries.
Dumas denied Siparia MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar's claim that Government was manipulating the poverty line, saying that there was an international benchmark for this.
Dumas said it was a good thing the PNM had come to office in 2002, because the UNC planned to close down the Agricultural Development Bank and CARDI.
Rennie Dumas was elected to the House of Representatives on November 5th, 2007 as the Member for Tobago East.