Minister of Education and Vocational Training Hatem Ben salem of Tunisia

Mr Hatem Ben Salem Takes Charge As Minister of Education And Training - Worldnews.
Ben Salem said the Arab countries want the top U-N human-rights official, Mary Robinson, and other U-N human-rights experts to travel to the Palestinian territories to investigate Israel's actions.
hopes”, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP.
Bilous, the parliament's information department said.
Ben Salem discussed the importance of enhanced co-operation in certain key areas, including the creation of a regional free trade zone, which he said could "deepen the foundations of dialogue between civilizations and cultures, and.
State Secretary Hatem Ben Salem expressed interest in equal participation of the Mediterranean partners in the Barcelona Process, which must be based on solidarity and stable development in the Mediterranean.
Tunis, September 3, 2008--Mr Hatem Ben Salem took charge as Minister of Education and Training, during a ceremony organized at the Ministry of Education in Tunis.
Tunisian Secretary of state for Foreign Affairs Hatem ben Salem said overnight Saturday, March27 , his government strongly regrets putting off the summit, citing what he called failure to include Tunisian changes to a plan on Arab political reform.