Minister of Tourism Khelil Lajimi of Tunisia

Lajimi is in charge of international coordination and external investment.
Lajimi said there are thousands of foreign corporations currently operating in Tunisia.
Lajimi said that he was impressed by economically dynamic South Korea.
Lajimi praised such South Korean companies as Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.
On his part, Tunisia's tourism Minister Khelil Lajimi has told the official Tunisian Press Agency (TAP) that “we shall re-conquer the German market with the means available to US.
Currently, Lajimi is negotiating with Europe to extend the free trade agreement to services, including air transportation.
Mr Lajimi met with the representatives and CEO’s of several major French tour operators who are currently operating in Tunisia such as Thomas –Cook, Marmara, and Fram-Voyages.
Khelil Lajimi said that his country intends to set up a promotional campaign for the Tunisian tourism between 2009-2011 , targeting the traditional markets which are witnessing a relative decline.