Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Baki Ilkin of Turkey

in a position to better identify potential areas for cooperation between the Turkish Republic and the Appalachian region.
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Ilkin said Turkey condemned brutal acts of the pirates posing a seriousthreat to international maritime security, adding Turkey has sent a frigateto NATO forces within this scope.
Ilkin said Turkey would have a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Councilwithin two weeks, indicating that Turkey would continue to follow thedevelopments closely.
that may suit them, he would not like to see their mode of government exported to Turkey.
In regard to a question on "privileged partnership", Ilkin said that "no Turkish government will accept 2nd class treatment in the EU.
Ilkin said that the process, aiming to reach a two-state solution, was encouraging and that the parties should make altruistic and difficult decisions.
Ilkin said the debates were over the new Security Council.
a tour as ambassador to the Netherlands.
and chief of the Turkish president's Private Cabinet.
Baki Ilkin is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Turkey.