Deputy Prime Minister Hayati Yazici of Turkey

We know it is a terrorist attack, but which organization is responsible, we don't yet have that information," State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Hayati Yazici said after visiting the scene of the attacks.
Zain Group mentioned that Al Barrak felt that Yazici expressed interest in the investment of Kuwait in different investments and their participation in the mapping of new investments existing in the Turkish market.
Deputy Prime Minister Hayati Yazici said 15 of the injured were in critical condition.
But Yazici said authorities didn't yet know who was responsible.
Turkish State Minister and Deputy Premier Hayati Yazici said on Tuesday that the bilateral trade between Turkey and Vietnam was expected to reach $700 million by the end of 2008.
Noting that the JECC meeting was a great opportunity for the two countries, Yazici said that a work plan, which would be used as a road-map in Turkish-Vietnamese relations, could be prepared for the 2009-2010 period.
Hayati Yazici is visiting to our country.
Yazici said shipments will be granted a passage priority and be inspected against smuggling and fraud only.
Speaking to reporters after his two hours meeting with the Russian Federation's Federal Customs Service Chairman Andrei Belianinov in Istanbul, Yazici said that there exists also a protocol prepared by the Turkish delegation.
Turkish State Minister Hayati Yazici said yesterday that the government expects to increase trade volume between Turkey and Mongolia to $50 million within the next three years.
Yazici: No specific initiative on headscarfThe New Anatolian / Ankara17 January 2008Font Size: defaultmediumlargeDeputy Prime Minister and State Minister Hayati Yazici said Wednesday the government does not have any specific initiative on headscarf.
Yazici said the government is working on a new constitution and will soon make public the results.
Deputy Prime Minister Hayati Yazici said the properties confiscated by the Turkish state after 1974 will be given back to owners after the law becomes effective.
Turkey's State Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Hayati Yazici said that Turkey and Russia had not reached any deal on recent trade problems.
Yazici said executives from Turkey and Russia would have a meeting in the Russian capital of Moscow on September 15th and 16th.
On relations with Luxembourg, Yazici said that this country made 1.
Yazici expressed hope that Krecke would help lift obstacles before Turkish businessmen.
The officials from both parties will meet in Moscow next week and the problems at customs will be solved following the signing of protocol," Yazici said at a joint press conference with Russian officials.
This indicated a two-fold rise in our trade volume in the last decade and the highest figure in the common history of the two countries, Yazici said during a signature ceremony in Ankara.
In the ceremony, Yazici said that Turkey earned 620 million Euros from its exports to Austria, and imported goods worth 994 million Euro from this country in 2007.
Yazici said that Turkey was an indispensable part of the European Union (EU) market within the scope of Customs Union and was progressing on the road to EU full membership with determination.