Minister of National Education Huseyin Celik of Turkey

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With 20 million pupils and students registered at the primary, secondary and university level, Celik said the aim was not only to bring the system in line with European standards but to "democratize and modernize it.
Celik was welcomed by his Iranian counterpart Alireza Ali Ahmadi.
Celik said that he would launch initiatives to open a Turkish language education department at Tehran and Tabriz universities.
Celik is expected to return to Turkey on Friday.
Celik was formerly the Minister of Culture of Turkey.
The Turkish daily Hurriyet also reported that Minister Celik is also calling on school administrators to arrange essay contests on the theme that the so called Genocide allegations of the Armenians are groundless.
Even prior to becoming Education Minister, Celik had established a long record of Armenian Genocide denial.
Education Minister Huseyin Celik said yesterday that Turkey’s young population served as a tremendous asset, warning, however, that this could change if their education is not adequate.
Minister Celik said that 'Many friendships start with disputes.
Celik was among the PKK leaders special forces was after.
Celik is the minister of education in the Turkish Republic.
Highlighting the Regional Environmental Center’s 15 year experience, Minister Celik said that they give great importance to the project and activities of the Center with a view to create environmental awareness in Turkey.
Reminding the “environment lessons” suggestion of the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Minister Celik said “There was an environment lesson in highschools.
Reminding of the new curricula change, Minister Celik said that issues intending to create environmental awareness were extensively used in the new system.
Minister Celik said that they wanted every student to have a tree in the school gardens and continued by expressing “There are 20 million students in Turkey from kindergarden to mass education.
Education Minister Huseyin Celik said he had ordered all governors in the country to conduct studies on how resilient their schools are to earthquakes.
Turkey’s Education Minister Huseyin Celik is set to visit Iran today at the invitation of his Iranian counterpart Alireza Ali-Ahmadi.
We can set up such bridges only through education and culture," Turkish National Education Minister Huseyin Celik said on Monday.
Deniz Baykal, the leader of Republican People's Party (CHP), who criticized the motion providing an advantage for the graduates of Preachers' Schools (IHLs) in university entrance test (OSS), said that the government had covert plans to open the education to religious influences.
Ankara, TURKEY, October 25, 2003 - Minister of Education Huseyin Celik said that the Republic’s 80th anniversary has been celebrated by all groups of society.
Turkey's National Education Minister Huseyin Celik said Wednesday that further cooperation with Iran in the field of education was possible.
Celik said during the visit that they were assessing formation of a joint commission on education with Iran.
Celik said there were Persian Studies department in 11 Universities in Turkey while there was only one Turkish studies department in Iran.
True Path Party (DYP) Van Deputy Huseyin Celik said that life in Lake Van was gradually dying and asked for help from Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, who once wrote a poem about the lake.
Celik said that the municipalities of Van, Muradiye, Unseli, Ercis, Celebibagi, Adilcevaz, Ahlat, Tatvan, Uysal, Gevas, Cicekli and Edremit do not have a properly functioning sewage system.