Minister of State Mehmet Simsek of Turkey

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Simsek is one of PM Erdogan's close allies in the ruling AKP.
more active in the booming Arab Gulf (GCC) region.
We have good policies," Simsek said in an interview at the Swiss Hotel in Istanbul, where he had come to defend his governments economic policies at a World Economic Forum conference held here at the end of October.
Simsek says that what is needed is a precautionary stand-by agreement and continued monitoring, but many outside investors contend that Turkey requires a more dramatic rescue - akin to binding pacts reached with Ukraine, Pakistan and Hungary - to appease fretfulmarkets.
help his country in the face of a global financial crisis.
officials signed a protocol for broader cooperation.
Simsek said that the key message he wanted to convey to public and private investors in the region is that Turkey has "significant potential" and needs stakeholders to take a stake in its fast growing economy.
Turkey's target rate of inflation is 4 per cent and Simsek said he was optimistic of achieving that.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " (Adds detail, quotes) ISTANBUL, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Turkish Economy Minister Mehmet Simsek said Turkey would try to finalise a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in February, Dunya newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Minister Simsek was also the key note speaker at the Banking on Turkeyconference next day organised by FT Global Events in association with the TBCCI.
In a televised interview Simsek said that a revision of the primary surplus target was "acceptable" to finance government funded projects.
Simsek said the government expected foreign direct investments would reach about $14 to $16 billion this year.
In his speech, Simsek said there is an ongoing clash between the pro-globalization actors who appreciate the globalization process and the "nationalists" who oppose the process.
In reference to Turkey`s EU process, Simsek said that Turkey has completed negotiations in six chapters out of 35.
ISTANBUL - Turkish State Minister Mehmet Simsek said Tuesday the pension system in Turkey is one of the world's largest.
Reminding that the retirement age in Turkey would be 65 in the year 2046, Simsek said that the employment sector in Turkey has serious structural problems.
Pointing out that global food prices are on the rise, Simsek said that Turkey can turn this crisis into an opportunity.
SABAH SIMSEK: TURKEY IS NOT ON THE EDGE OF CLIFF AS IT WAS IN 2001 State Minister Mehmet Simsek said Turkey was not on the edge of cliff as it had been in 2001.
Speaking at a visit to Anadolu Agency HQ, Simsek said last two programs were concluded successfully, and noted that this could be achieved thanks to the decisive implementations of the government.
Referring to current account deficit, Simsek said this was a very important problem Turkey has been facing, and noted that, "Turkey takes this seriously, however this does not have an easy solution.
Simsek said important improvements could be ensured in banking sector within the scope of IMF program.
Some aspects of the deal will be decided in a few days, but the remainder will be settled in the new year,' Simsek said late on Wednesday.
ISTANBUL, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Turkish Economy Minister Mehmet Simsek said Turkey would try to finalise a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in February, Dunya newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Simsek said on Monday Turkey would have a 2009 external financing gap of some $15-30 billion and an IMF programme was needed to ease concerns about it.
Simsek said that fiscal discipline, the cornerstone of the countrys macroeconomic program, would be maintained with a greater focus on investment in infrastructure, RD, and education.
Furthermore, Simsek said that they would continue to accelerate privatization, not only for revenues but also to boost competition, and pointed to the tremendous increase in foreign direct investment as a vote of confidence in the economy.
Turkish relations, Simsek said that not enough due diligence has been done on the Armenian issue, reminding the audience of Turkeys offer to make its archives available to the international community.
Mehmet Simsek was elected to Parliament in the general election on July 22, 2007 and appointed as the state minister in charge of the economy on August 29.
Simsek was the chief economist and strategist for emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa region at Merrill Lynch in London for 7 years.