Minister of State Murat Basesgioglu of Turkey

rate, Labor Minister Murat Basesgioglu said in July.
ISTANBUL, March 24: Turkey will implement a critical social security reform package, backed under a programme with the International Monetary Fund, from the start of 2008, Labour Minister Murat Basesgioglu said on Saturday.
This organization will make our people like the sports of swimming more and it will help US to raise new champions, Basesgioglu said after signing the agreement.
Minister Basesgioglu said regarding the retirement age, the most debatable issue is that the retirement age will be raised to 68 in 2075 with a gradual transformation from 2036.
organizations which planned the illegal migrations.
Minister Basesgioglu said that informal employment needs to be reduced both as a result of country's own dynamics and Turkey's process of accession to the EU.
Mentioning his government's work in this area, Basesgioglu said reduced the costs of employment brought down employers' contributions to the unemployment fund, brought earning level as the base of taxation down to minimum wage, covered taxes and social security contributions by the Treasury through incentives in effect in 49 provinces and reduced taxing categories.
Stating that they attach great importance to the project on combating informal employment, Minister Basesgioglu said they were planning to mobilise local governments as well for this purpose.
ISTANBUL - Turkish Airlines and a union representing its staff have reached a wage deal, Labour Minister Murat Basesgioglu said on Monday, averting a strike at the peak of the tourist season.
Basesgioglu knows what Okur means to the country of Turkey and is pleased with the success that Okur has enjoyed while in America.
Turkish Labour and Social Security Minister Murat Basesgioglu met with Italian Minister of Labour and Welfare Roberto Maroni last week.
Basesgioglu was visiting Geneva to attend the 92nd Working Conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO.
Minister Basesgioglu had been a member of center-right Homeland Party (ANAP) since 1984 and served in many ministerial positions until he left his party to join the AKP.
Basesgioglu said that Turkey should not get itself into unnecessary conflicts and if Turkey is to host sports games it must be the big Olympic Games.
THY and Hava-Is agreesThe New Anatolian / Ankara27 August 2007Font Size: defaultmediumlargeTurkish Labor & Social Security Minister Murat Basesgioglu said an agreement had been reached in the collective bargaining between Turkish Airlines (THY) and Turkish Civil Aviation Labour Union (Hava-Is.
Recalling that Turkey ratified international agreements and made legal arrangements to prevent child labor, Basesgioglu said that countries should cooperate against child labor.
Basesgioglu said that Turkey will host an ILO Sub-Regional Meeting (which will also cover Southeastern Europe) in autumn.
Basesgioglu said that they reached an agreement in principle to exchange information and personnel about labor health and security between Turkish and Italian labor ministries.
State Minister Murat Basesgioglu said there would be a 4 percent rise in the current wages of civil servants as of January 2009 and a 4.
Basesgioglu said that the parties finally reached an agreement in collective bargaining talks which started on August 15th.