Ambassador to the US Nabi Sensoy of Turkey

Sensoy said the operations were tangible results of enhanced cooperation between the two countries since a visit to Washington last month by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during which US.
Although it will take time to assess the damage to the PKK and the casualties, Sensoy said there is no doubt the PKK infrastructure has been severely weakened.
The United States has been pushing for tri-lateral cooperation with the government of Iraq, but Sensoy said such cooperation had not produced any tangible results to date.
Sensoy said that the United States has promised to send an inspector to northern Iraq to investigate charges that US.
Sensoy said that Turkish resentment toward the United States over a perceived lack of support on the PKK issue and a House committee vote declaring the Ottoman-era killings of an estimated 1.
Sensoy was in Atlanta Nov 23 and 24 as the first speaker in the newly endowed Turkish lecture series at Emory University.
Sensoy said that Turkeys banking system had been able to weather the current financial turmoil because the Turkish banks had adopted safeguards following a financial crisis of their own in 2001.
Sensoy said that when he assumed his position as US.
Speaking to reporters outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington, Nabi Sensoy says he is returning to the capital Ankara for up to 10 days.
Ambassador Nabi Sensoy said he does not believe the United States is supplying weapons directly to fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party.
Sensoy said three-way US-Iraqi-Turkish meetings had produced no results, and cooperation from the Iraqi side has not been forthcoming.
Citing the Turkish version of the 1915 events, Sensoy said that during the Russian-Turkish battles of World War I, a large number of Armenians supported the enemy, and we had to relocate the Armenians in eastern Turkey to Syria and Lebanon.
In an interview, Sensoy said we are deploying all the efforts that we can to defeat the nonbinding measure, which he thinks could unravel a strategic alliance.
Nonetheless, Sensoy said it will be a close race Wednesday.
The 62-year-old Sensoy is a veteran diplomat who previously served as Turkeys ambassador in Moscow and Madrid.
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Turkish Ambassador to United States Nabi Sensoy said he was disappointed by the approval of the resolution on Armenian allegations regarding incidents of 1915 by the US.
ANKARA - Turkish Ambassador to the United States Nabi Sensoy was recalled to Ankara for consultations after the US.
Turkish Ambassador Sensoy said that the Turkish nation does not have any more patience on this issue and the weapons found on the captured PKK terrorists indicate that the US and Iraqi officials are "not doing enough" to prevent PKK attacks.
Turkey's new Ambassador to Washington Nabi Sensoy said the turbulence concerning Iraq since March 2003 between Turkey and the United States is now over.
Nabi Sensoy said that the United States is not doing enough to influence Kurdish politicians in key positions in the Iraqi government to crack down on the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK, which has been fighting for an independent Kurdistan within Turkey for decades.
Sensoy said that Turkey understands that because of the challenges already facing the US.
Ambassador Sensoy is a graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Ankara.
And Turkey's Ambassador to the United States, Nabi Sensoy has now informed the State Department that he's being recalled.