Minister of State Nimet Cubukcu of Turkey

Cubukcu had claimed Gulden Baga from Women Solidarity Foundation and Amargi Women Cooperative, Muzde O.
In this way, the fax that was sent to Cubukcu was nothing more than part of the efforts to create positive discrimination.
Women\'s Affairs Minister Nimet Cubukcu said the reports, which showed Ferguson entering the orphanages without permission, had damaged diplomatic relations.
Cubukcu said Ferguson had tried to create \'resentment\' by secretly filming inside the orphanages and expressed regret that Turkish media had repeated the claims made in the documentary.
had repeated the claims made in the documentary.
Cubukcu said Turkey was probing all kinds of "human rights abuses and misuse of authority" in the institutions visited by the Duchess.
It is an example of the negative and humiliating prejudice against women that is portrayed in the media, Cubukcu was quoted as saying.
Speaking at a seminar on violence against women organized by the EU General Secretariat and the EU Enlargement Department, State Minister for Women's and Children's Affairs, Nimet Cubukcu said that Turkey has laws and mechanisms to protect women from violence and punishing abuse against woman.
rights abuses and misuse of authority in centres visited by the Duchess.
Turkish State Minister Nimet Cubukcu said that there were 55 incidents of physical and psychological violence against women in the months of January and February in Turkey.
Meanwhile, State Minister Nimet Cubukcu said that there are many areas in which Turkey and Macedonia can cooperate in during the European Union membership process.
Turkish minister for women's rights Nimet Cubukcu said that Turkey has shown “great determination” to reform its laws during pre-accession negotiations with the EU.
Speaking in advance of UN women's day, Cubukcu said on Wednesday that “there are a lot of laws which have been reformed in Turkey recently.
Cubukcu is upbeat, though, about what Turkey can achieve.
Cubukcu said that Turkey fulfilled very important reforms to improve women's rights since 2002.
Cubukcu took the floor at a conference on "women`s role in inter-cultural dialogue" organized by European Parliament in Brussels on Thursday.
Cubukcu said women from different cultures and civilizations should discuss what can be done against prejudices, generalizations and polarizations which prevent them from knowing each other.
Turkish State Minister Nimet Cubukcu said on her part that Turkey made necessary legal arrangements needed for gender equality.