Minister of Health Recep Akdag of Turkey

Akdag said Turkey had enough stocks of medicine to cope with an outbreak.
tease" : "Laboratory tests in Turkey have confirmed the H5 subtype of the bird flu virus in 14 patients, Turkey's health minister Recep Akdag said Monday.
Turkish Health Minister Recep AkdagTurkish Health Minister Recep Akdag has confirmed two human cases of bird flu in Turkey, including a 14-year-old boy who died this week.
Akdag said the boys sister has also tested positive for bird flu and is being hospitalized.
After the two teenagers, from the eastern town of Dogubeyazit, died in hospital from avian flu, Health Minister Recep Akdag said they had "lived in the same household with infected chicken" and said seven other people, including two of their relatives, are under treatment for bird flu-like symptoms.
Minister Akdag is expected to return to Turkey on November 21.
Turkish Minister of Health Recep Akdag is due to arrive in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus tomorrow as guest of the Minister of Health Esref Vaiz.
In the explanation he made to journalists early this morning, Akdag said that while they were saddened by the recent deaths of three children, "One thing that we can be pleased about is that according to information given to US, the state of patients currently under care at Van Yuzuncu Yil University Hospital, has not deteriorated.
fatality of the disease outside southeast Asia.
Health minister Recep Akdag said the virus had been detected in a fourth person, currently under treatment in a hospital in the city of Van, after officials confirmed three human cases on Friday.
Akdag was scheduled to accompany a WHO delegation to Van, but their flight was postponed to Sunday due to heavy fog.
Health Minister Recep Akdag said some 180 people sought treatment in hospitals.
Akdag said the government would introduce regulation to bar LPG stations from residential areas.
CAIRO, Dec 11, 2003 (Anadolu Agency) Health Minister Recep Akdag said on Thursday that Sudanese President Umar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir invited Turkish investors to his country.
Health Minister Akdag said that they attended a health fair in Sudan and met with Sudanese Health Minister, Foreign Minister, Minister of Investments, External Trade Minister and Khartoum Governor.
Health Minister Akdag expressed belief that Turkish businessmen would achieve significant projects in Sudan soon.
March 28, 2007 (ANKARA) Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag had a meeting with Sudanese Health Minister Tabita Sokaya in Ankara on Wednesday.
Akdag has been Turkey s Health Minister for 5 years and as you know his party was elected for 5 more years in 2007.
But Akdag said there was no reason to suspect it had.
Minister of Health Recep Akdag said he found the claims of biological weapons to be unreasonable.
ANKARA - Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag said Wednesday Turkey will treat 200 Afghan patients free of charge every year.
Akdag said Turkey will continue to extend support for reconstruction, security, health and stability of Afghanistan.
Health Minister Recep Akdag has reported that the incidenets of bird flu seen in the Balikesir region of Turkey have been handled by the Agricultural Ministry in a very well prepared, timely, and appropriate manner.
ANKARA, Turkey, Aug 5 (UPI) -- Turkish health officials say they have halted admissions of some expectant mothers to an Ankara hospital where 27 infants have died in a two-week period.
Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag said on Monday that targets of the European Union (EU) to deal with contagious diseases were important for the region and the world.
Akdag said he would inform the EU ministers about the experiences of Turkey in dealing with the bird flu.