Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers for International Relations Rasit Meredow of Turkmenistan

Turkmen Foreign Minister Rasit Meredow has confirmed that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow will attend the Bishkek summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member states on 16 August, according to a Turkmen TV report on the 2nd.
Meredow said that the president of Turkmenistan will travel to Bishkek on 16 August.
Foreign Minister Rasit Meredow takes the floor and praises Turkmen president's foreign policies] Turkmen president ends first day of People's Council Dear people, let's then have a break until tomorrow.
Meredow said Tehran and Ashkhabad can have good cooperation in different economic, trade, energy and transportation sectors.
The recent dismissal of Turkmen Deputy Prime Minister Rasit Meredow is seen by analysts as President Nyyazow's move to get rid of politicians who acquire too much importance, a Russian newspaper has said.
Meredow was also viewed as a possible successor to the president.
Meredow was previously considered one of the most promising politicians and even a possible successor to Turkmenbashi.
Judging by the content of the edict, the president was unhappy with how Mr Meredow was performing his duties in overseeing foreign policy, but in the opinion of analysts, the real reason for the dismissal was that Turkmenbashi is trying to get rid of politicians who acquire too much importance.
The now former vice-premier Rasit Meredow was chief of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry at the same time.
Mr Meredow was called "the man in black" for his love of black suits and neckties of the same colour.
Reporters have already calculated that Mr Meredow was the 58th vice-premier fired in the 13 years of Turkmenistan's independence.