Minister for General Duties, Office of the Prime Minister Adolf Mwesige of Uganda

Former state minister for Justice Adolf Mwesige said the six Kampala advocates got the deal after agreeing with the Ministry of Justice.
The report was forwarded to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecution), the CID (Criminal Investigations Directorate) and the IGG (Inspector General of Government) and they are doing their work," Mwesige said on Sunday when asked about the progress of the investigations.
Mwesige said the white paper also contained details of how the Global Fund operations would be conducted transparently.
JUSTICE state minister Adolf Mwesige has said MPs deserve a pension to cater for their old age.
Mwesige said the two commissions could be set up as early as this week when the Cabinet meets to discuss the report.
Mr Mwesige said Uganda was likely to swap some of the recommended penalties.
Mwesige said the cabinet has instructed the investigations and prosecution department to implement its recommendations within six months.
Mwesige said that the Government had levelled the ground for all the opposition political parties to participate in the 2006 election.
Mr Mwesige said amending the investment code would see the establishment of a one-stop center at Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) offices with an aim of reducing on the bureaucracy and delays.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of State for General Duties in the Prime Minister’s Office, Adolf Mwesige has expressed concern at what he called acts of hooliganism that are engineered by members of the opposition to taint government officials.
Ultimate MediaThe minister of General Duties in the Prime Minister's Office, Adolf Mwesige has revealed that farmers in northern Uganda will be given cotton seeds for planting the coming season.
Mwesige said following protests from different important sections of society like the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and the Uganda Joint Christian Council, the Government had mandated the Law Reform Commission to consult further on the issue before it could be debated in parliament.