Minister for the Presidency Beatrice Wabudeya of Uganda

Wabudeya said such brutal acts undermined the country's development and urged religious organisations to back the Government in fighting them.
Ugandan Minister in the Office of the President Beatrice Wabudeya has described the statement made by the closed Kampala FM (KFM) radio as "irresponsible, inflammatory and potentially dangerous," local press reported on Monday.
Wabudeya said that was the reason why the President was introducing poverty alleviation and the universal secondary and primary education programmes.
State minister for primary healthcare Beatrice Wabudeya said at the opening of a five-day financial sustainability plan workshop at Hotel Africana Kampala, “GAVI has become a major partner in the immunisation programme and has facilitated Uganda in the introduction of pentavalent vaccines,” Wabudeya said.
Wabudeya said Uganda has a high disease burden of which 75% is preventable but has got a big toll on social economic development.
Officiating at the 14th annual general meeting of The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Mbale, eastern Uganda, and Beatrice Wabudeya said if the policy on circumcision is passed people should embrace it so as to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Wabudeya said that young people aged 10-24 years comprise 33 percent of the total population but nearly 50 precent of the country's HIV/Aids cases.
Ms Wabudeya said as professionals in the veterinary discipline, they need to make themselves relevant to the promotion of the development of the livestock industry in order to achieve economic returns for the farmers.
Speaking to MPs from the north, Wabudeya said the Ebola virus was likely to have been brought to Uganda by rebels of the Lords Resistance Army from their south Sudanese bases.
Explaining that it was illegal for civil servants to participate in partisan politics, Wabudeya said a number of them had become too political to the extent of fighting government programmes.
Beatrice Mukaye Wabudeya is still the vet to take their dogs to, when they want them castrated.
As Mbale District Veterinary Officer (1988-1993), Wabudeya had to interact a lot with ordinary people, who were impressed by her commitment to her work.
During the 1996 parliamentary elections, Wabudeya was elected Mbale District woman representative.
No wonder, after two years in Parliament, in 1996, Wabudeya was appointed gender and cultural affairs state minister, a promotion that some skeptics described as a gender and regional balance act, while others credited it to Wapakhabulo’s patronage.
Dani Wadada Nabudere (1979), Wabudeya had no problem defending her parliamentary seat during the 2001 elections.
A by-election held in Mbale to replace Wabudeya was won by Oliver Woneka.
Later, in 2004, Wabudeya was appointed education state minister, in charge of higher education.
In a January 2005 Cabinet reshuffle, Wabudeya was appointed minister in Charge of the presidency, replacing Mzee Kirunda Kivejinja (KK.
To the surprise of her critics, Wabudeya took on the new job with confidence and dynamism that few suspected her to possess.
In May 2005 Wabudeya took on Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi, when he got up to criticise the Government’s restocking programme in Mbale and Sironko districts.
Government will soon offer Nevirapine to all pregnant women who test for HIV positive, the minister of state for Primary Health Care, Dr Beatrice Wabudeya has said.
Wabudeya said the government wants to give Uganda children a healthy start as a strategy to improve the quality of children and the population as a whole.
Wabudeya said the Government is also contributing US$2m towards the project.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister for the Presidency, Beatrice Wabudeya has assured Ugandans that the government programme on commercialization of agriculture will benefit Ugandans irrespective of their political affiliation.
Wabudeya was responding to concerns by MPS who wanted to know the criteria for selecting the six families per parish that will be supported by the government programme aimed at promoting commercial agriculture.
Wabudeya says that the government has no intention of segregating and choosing members of the NRM party when choosing the people to benefit from the government initiative.
Wabudeya was responding to complaints raised by Kabarole MP, Margaret Muhanga that some people were masquerading as State House mobilizers and terrorizing her constituents.
Wabudeya says that the President’s office has on several occasions received complaints from the general public that certain people are extorting money from them with promises of jobs abroad or in State House.
75% is preventable but has got a big toll on social economic development.
Beatrice Wabudeya said she had received a petition over.