Minister of State for Animal Industry Bright Rwamirama of Uganda

Rwamirama said the government and non-governmental agencies involved in agricultural development should adopt farmer field schools as an approach of agricultural extension.
Rwamirama said the country has been divided into four zones, adding that each zone would get a meat-processing plant.
Rwamirama said the members beat up NRM supporters and warned them to stop.
Rwamirama said the government is implementing programs aimed at transforming the sector by 2011.
Rwamirama said that since 2006, the government has been helping farmers add value to their produce at farm level by giving grants for equipment like coffee washing machines and cotton ginneries.
However, Rwamirama said the government is drafting a land use policy to halt land fragmentation and encourage large-scale farming.
Rwamirama said the government would lift the quarantine on the movement of cattle and livestock products within the country by the end of November since the authority have vaccinated the herds in affected areas of the foot-and-mouth disease.
Animal Industry Minister Bright Rwamirama said on Sunday that livestock is an essential component in the fight against poverty, hence the importance of protecting it from endemic diseases.
Rwamirama has said that the country has been divided into four zones and that each zone would get a meat processing plant.
We think farmers have raised enough animals to supply the factories, Rwamirama said while addressing livestock farmers at UMA conference hall, recently.
Rwamirama said the practice must stop.
Mr Rwamirama said the only way a country can develop is by increasing its exports and asked beef producers to focus on improving their capacity towards exportation.
Mr Rwamirama said the target should be beef for export.
cattle to stop redundant movements and buy their own land and settle.
Rwamirama said steps to control cattle diseases and implement laws and regulations to maintain the standards of milk were in advanced stages.
Rwamirama said they had vaccinated all animals in affected areas and that all infected animals are now healing.
Rwamirama said transporting milk for long distances in cans increases the chances of contamination.
looting of property and killing of people.
on the road, it was not good for DP to mobilise residents for a demonstration.
Bright Rwamirama was happy to note that for the first time ever Uganda has an opportunity to export an Agricultural product that is already value added.
Rwamirama was presenting his committee's report on the Finance Bill 2003 on the floor of Parliament.
Mr Rwamirama said on Friday at the government's Media Centre that FMD has hit the border sub-counties of Endinzi and Mbaare of Bukanga County in Isingiro District while PPR has affected the districts of Kotido, Kaabong, Moroto, Nakapiripirit and Abia in Karamoja sub-region.
Both diseases were imported by infected animals from the neighbouring Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)," Mr Rwamirama said adding, "We have immediately imposed a quarantine on animal movement, livestock products and by-products in affected areas to contain both diseases," the minister said.
Bright Rwamirama says the OIE now recognizes Uganda as having fulfilled the requirements for freedom from rinderpest infection.
Rwamirama says the declaration of Uganda as free from rinderpest means that the country can earn significant foreign exchange from sale of livestock products into countries where Uganda’s products were still restricted.