Minister of State for Sports Charles Bakabulindi of Uganda

However, State Minister for Sports and Workers Charles Bakabulindi expressed concerns that the scheme might turn predatory on the meager earnings of employees as they have already paid heavily.
Bakabulindi said the money was being dished out to MPs from Mosa Courts rather than Parliament Building because it is for the party activities of the NRM party.
the new minister of state for sports.
Primary Education minister Peter Lokeris and Sports minister Charles Bakabulindi had also spent one hour waiting for their counterpart.
STATE sports minister Charles Bakabulindi has said that it is not funding but indiscipline by all sports stake holders that has plunged the sports standards at a low level.
In an interview over the weekend, Bakabulindi said that money wasn’t the issue but rather the discipline of handling the little financial resources that the federations get.
Uganda Sports Minister Charles Bakabulindi has put in place a commission to investigate the circumstances under which the players disappeared in Darwin.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of State for Sports, Charles Bakabulindi has called upon all districts to organize sports competitions as one way to exploit people’s talents and promote unity.
Bakabulindi says that sports activities like football, athletics and indoor games can be organized in all parts of the country.
Bakabulindi says the government is ready to support all areas that come up with feasible sports activities.