Minister for Defense Crispus Kiyonga of Uganda

Ugandan Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga said Kampala will protest to the UN Security Council over intelligence which he said links the MONUC peacekeeping mission to the arming of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.
The evidence we have from our interaction with the political leaders in the area is that there were significant improvements in that period," Kiyonga was quoted by state-own New Vision on Tuesday.
But Kiyonga said the story was very different.
The spokesperson of the allied forces in Garamba, Capt.
Speaking to a UBC reporter Kiyonga said that the military offensive on the LRA is on course and yielding results.
Kiyonga said over US$2b had been committed on the global AIDS fund, and US$616m had been allocated in grants.
Kiyonga said Uganda's experience had shown that good political leadership and concerted effort could turn the tide.
Speaking in economic terms, Kiyonga said AIDS, TB and malaria had negative externalities and the fight against the diseases was a public good, but that market failures had left the fight underfunded.
Dr Kiyonga is well-known regionally and internationally as a champion of efforts against HIV/AIDS, as well as malaria and tuberculosis (TB),” said UN official Marie Okabe, in making the announcement.
Kiyonga said Uganda had on several occasions suggested solutions to the problem.
I need to assure our people so that they do not lose hope in their Government," Kiyonga said while responding to a question raised by Kanungu woman MP Jacqueline Kyatuhairwe.
Although it is difficult to say what really happened on the morning of June 6 when game rangers moved to throw out the herdsmen, it is known that Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga had on the afternoon of the previous day tried to meet with leaders of the Basongora community to discuss possible relocation.
We had been fighting the rangers for a long time but it was only when Dr Kiyonga was around that they came armed with guns.
To be sure, Dr Kiyonga has his work cut out: As the most prominent politician from Kasese, he must reassert his credibility by sorting out the “Basongora issue” while minimising collateral damage.
A source who attended a June 12 meeting between President Museveni and the inter-ministerial committee described how the President, on realising that Dr Kiyonga had not arrived, asked: “Where is Kiyonga? There is nothing we can do unless Kiyonga is around.
Kiyonga said crops like cotton grown at peasantry level are not profitable.
maximum care in handling the patients.
The surprise Ngurdoto agreement came soon after Kiyonga had warned his countrymen to be prepared for renewed fighting in the Congo in the course of a briefing for parliament's defence committee in Kampala, the Ugandan capital.
Kiyonga said the Ugandan government had on several occasions suggested solutions to the proble.
Speaking to IWPR after the meeting, Kiyonga said the attack on Lake Albert was carried out by Congolese soldiers, while that on Butugota was by the Interahamwe.
Kiyonga said district security committees in the region will seat on a weekly basis and forward reports of their findings and actions taken to their leaders in Kampala, including the Minister of Internal Affairs, Defense and the Minister in charge of Karamoja.
Kiyonga said he is also scheduling a meeting with his counterparts in Kenya and southern Sudan to discuss gun trafficking in the region.
Kiyonga said the Office of the Prime Minister has instituted an inquiry into the alleged misconduct of the military.
Kiyonga said he had called the Democratic Party leader, Paul Ssemogerere, last week to discuss national issues.
Kiyonga has also appealed to political parties to register in accordance with the Political Parties and Organisations Act.
Kiyonga was the Minister of Health some years ago and in that capacity he led in the creation of the Global Fund as the chair of the transitional working group, which wrote the constitution and the modalities for operationalising the fund," says Uganda's former Director of Health Service, Prof.