Minister for Energy and Minerals Daudi Migereko of Uganda

In a joint invitation letter signed by Richard Taylor and Refaat Abdel-Malek, the association's executive director and president respectively, Migereko was recognised for his outstanding contribution to the sector nationally and internationally.
Also, Migereko has managed to lobby institutions like the World Bank to finance construction of the 250MW Bujagali hydro-power plant.
Daudi Migereko is the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development of Uganda.
Ugandan trade minister hails WTO deal in Hong KongUgandan Trade Minister Daudi Migereko has said the trade deal concluded in HongKong on Sunday was a good start that will pave way for Africa's entry into the global market.
It is the first time Western countries agreed to eliminate subsidies and conceded to their distorting effects on the market," Migereko was quoted by local press as saying on Tuesday.
Energy and Mineral Development Minister Daudi Migereko was quoted by Daily Monitor on Saturday as saying ''the government forces will take over from private security organizations'' after he had met with Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga andall the oil excavating companies.
It was generally agreed that we review the entire security arrangement as the government forces will take over from private security organizations, Energy and Mineral Development Minister Daudi Migereko was quoted by Daily Monitor on Saturday as saying.
Former tourism minister and now Energy minister Daudi Migereko said yesterday that the construction of the long-awaited Bujagali hydro-power dam begins in February 2007, He said developing Bujagali will be done concurrently with the development of Karuma hydro-power dam.
In the mid-term measures to curb power shortage, Migereko said two more thermal diesel generators were to be bought to add 100 MW on the national grid.
fair share of oil wealth to communities who live on top of the crude deposits.
Minerals Development Daudi Migereko said on Friday.
Migereko said farmers' failure had discouraged the Government from opening up other export markets.
Migereko said in the 2003 South Africa exported goods to Uganda worth $98 million while Uganda exported a paltry $3 million.
Migereko said there was no need for South African supermarkets in Uganda to import fresh foods, fruits and vegetables from South Africa.
Migereko said South African companies have an upper hand in the banking sector but need to deliberately focus on investing in the productive sectors as opposed to treasury bills, the economy of this country would be transformed instantly with more jobs created, effective demand would be realised.
Migereko said Uganda and South Africa have an outstanding economic cooperation agreement.
Energy Minister Daudi Migereko says the policy, which covers ethanol, bio-fuel, wind and solar, is essentially ready and will require oil companies to blend petroleum with ethanol to a maximum ratio of 20.
Migereko said there was also need to utilise solid waste and sewerage, which can be obtained from big towns like Kampala, Jinja, Mbale and Mbarara to produce power.
We are to meet with the oil companies in the New Year," Migereko said on phone on Tuesday.
Migereko said the government suggested that fuel be brought in the country by railway transport to remove constraints to supply.
Migereko said the agreement was supposed to prevent suspicion among the two countries since the oil deposits were in both countries, with some running across the boundaries.
Migereko said the Government preferred to continue with the agreement since the problem was created by a slow-down in the flow of information.
Addressing hundreds of leaders in Bunyoro region on Friday, Migereko said the Government was considering involving its air force in counteracting the attacks by the Congolese gunmen because it was a quick and effective response to the problem.
Sensitising MPs on the new legislation titled, “The Atomic Energy Bill, 2007” at Parliament on Friday, the Energy Minister, Mr Daudi Migereko said that the Bill was not for manufacturing nuclear weapons.
In an exclusive interview with Sunday Vision on Friday, energy minister Daudi Migereko said work on the new terminal has been delayed by a dispute over the land that is before the courts.
Migereko said other tests are being conducted but that the country doesnt want to waste resources on testing.
Migereko said Uganda plans to eventually produce refined products inside the country and ship finished products instead of crude oil to outside markets.
Migereko said Uganda already has completed an environmental impact study of the oil region, including the effect on drilling under Lake Albert.
In his speech, Migereko said the government and people of Uganda were wary of allowing the discovery of oil to become a big problem for the country, and leading to resource curse and the Dutch Disease.
Energy minister Daudi Migereko has disclosed.
Oil drilling will begin in Uganda by 2010, Energy and Minerals Minister Daudi Migereko said Sept.
Migereko said he is closely working with his colleagues like Mr Yahaya Kikwete, a Cabinet Minister in Tanzania and Kenyan officials to develop the policy.
Migereko said he recently received a letter from the United States of America, telling him to reduce the import tax on used clothes because they are the major exports of developed countries to underdeveloped nations.
Migereko said the government has introduced a pool of funds that will be used to lend money to Ugandans who are engaged in productive ventures.
Mr Migereko said Rift Valley Railways was pressured by government into moving fuel into country, a feat that RVR cannot sustain given its current troubles - being under resourced, running an ancient fleet and generally lacking in effective capacity.
While presenting a paper at the World Bank Group in Washington, US, Migereko said the region was least prepared to deal with climate change.
Migereko said the low access to energy sources was due to lack of public finances and limited public intervention in the sector.
Mr Migereko was appearing before Parliament's Natural Resources Committee yesterday.
However, Mr Migereko said the country needed about 20 million litres of diesel and 10 million litres of petrol to fill the national fuel reserves.
Without delving into details, Mr Migereko said the Shs45 billion will be used to stock fuel that can last for at least a month in circumstances of supply disruption instead of the current 30 million litres' reserve capacity that can only last 10 days.
Mr Migereko said "that is classified information", before imploring him to lock the press out "for more details.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Daudi Migereko has said that government is doing all possible to solve the electricity crisis the country is facing.
Migereko says that Kakira, Lugazi and Kinyara sugar factories are going to generate electricity using bagasse (the residues of sugar cane), which are expected to produce a total of 30MW.
Migereko says government is also looking for solution from mini power stations, including Nshungyezi in Isingiro district9MW; Bugoye in Kasese-10MW, Buseruka in Hoima10MW, Waki in Hoima-5.
Migereko says that the objective of the Bill is to provide or the protection, safety and security of individuals societies and environment from the dangers resulting from ionizing radiation.
Migereko says that diversification of energy sources is necessary because hydropower and other renewable energy resources potential in Uganda are limited.
Migereko says that once the Bill is passed, a radiation management unit will be set up to monitor the use of energy minerals like uranium and ensure that the right quantities are used.
While answering to MP Alisemera's question as to why there has been delay to connecting Bundibugyo to the national grid, Migereko said developers don't want to endanger the Batwa.
ENERGY and mineral development minister Daudi Migereko has urged church leaders to promote government programmes.
But energy minister Daudi Migereko said the information available indicated that the supply of kerosene in the country was okay.
The decision, which the government has taken to fast-track oil production through the Early Production System is the sustainable solution to the disruption in supply," Migereko was quoted by the state-owned New Vision daily on Tuesday as saying.
Daudi Migereko said as long as Uganda depends on Kenya for imports, the fuel shortages will continue.
On Tuesday, energy minister Daudi Migereko said a ship carrying 16 million litres of fuel destined for East Africa had docked at Mombasa.
Migereko said that, based on the current exploration results, Uganda could produce an estimated 14,000 barrels of oil a day.