First Deputy Prime Minister Eriya Kategaya of Uganda

Kategaya said the Workshop was being held at a time of high expectations by the East African people on tangible benefits of the Community.
Hon Eriya Kategaya said the Common Market with its key planks of facilitation of free movement of labour, capital and the right of establishment, would further promote increased productivity, wealth creation, competitiveness, and enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of the private sector and lead to better standards of living for East Africans.
Eriya Kategaya said that some of the issues in the Common Market negotiations could be considered sensitive, hence the negotiations should be handled in a candid, technical and professional manner, adopting a spirit of give and take and always focusing on the greater collective East African interests.
Eriya Kategaya said the membership of the High Level Task Force should be consistent throughout the negotiation process so that there would be focus and continuity in the process and timely delivery of EAC common Market Protocol.
Kategaya is a long time associate of President Yoweri Museveni, starting from their school days in Ntare School in the early '60s; the two friends then joined University of Dar es Salaam where Kategaya studied law.
Kategaya was part of Museveni's Front for National Salvation {FRONASA), a group of Ugandan exiles in Tanzania who eventually helped topple Idi Amin in 1979 with the help of Tanzanian forces.
When the NRM/A eventually took power in January 1986, Kategaya was one of the group's top leadership and considered by most as the 'number 2' after Museveni.
Following Museveni and NRM's win in the 2006 general elections, rumours began spreading that Kategaya was in reconciliation talks with Museveni.
Kategaya has been instrumental in the continued growth of the East African Community.
The establishment of the East African Customs Union has led to rapid increase in trade between Uganda and Kenya, Ugandan First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for East African Affairs Eriya Kategaya has said.
Kategaya was quoted by state-owned New Vision on Wednesday saying that Ugandan imports from Kenya increased from 67 million U.
We would not have any reason to maintain troops in the DRC if the country was stable and under control," Kategaya was quoted as saying by Thursday's New Vision daily.
Kategaya said seven battalions or some 4,000 soldiers, which constitute more than half of the forces Uganda have in the DRC, have been redeployed from the front lines.
The full withdrawal of Ugandan troops from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) would not be possible until there is unity and stability in the country, Ugandan Foreign Minister Eriya Kategaya has said.
Mr Kategaya was again on the airwaves to reaffirm his opposition to lifting the term limit for the president, a move from which only Museveni.
Ugandan Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Eriya Kategaya is to arrive in Cairo on Wednesday as an envoy of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to hold talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak focusing on the Sudanese crisis.
Photo: IRIN NAIROBI, 8 May 2001 (IRIN) - Ugandan Foreign Minister Eriya Kategaya has clarified that his country will completely withdraw its forces from Basankusu, Zongo, Gemena, Gbadolite, Lisala in northwestern DRC: Bafwasende, Isiro, Butembo, Beni in northeastern DRC; and Kanyabayongo in eastern DRC.
Kategaya said at the heart of instability is the determination of politicians not to yield to change - a criticism he had levelled against his friend Museveni in 2005.
My title” Kategaya said “is Right Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and not Your Excellency.
either because he knows Kategaya will never make a clean break with him and will always seek his patronage when he is in trouble, or as his critics sometimes allege, the president thinks Kategaya is "too lazy" to apply himself to plots against him.
order to see who really wanted to free parties and see Kaguta go.
Kategaya said yesterday that East Africans will once again be consulted on whether to adopt the proposal to fast-track the political federation or to go through the normal stages of integration as Tanzanians recommended in nationwide consultations.
But Kategaya said that Tanzanians had no reason for scepticism since their concerns would be addressed by the treaty that is yet to be amended.
Above all Kategaya has greatly done what most elite Ugandans have failed to do.
SIR — I amazed by the FDC cry over spilt milk (if the milk belonged to them in the first place) about Mr Eriya Kategaya’s going back where he belongs.
KAMPALA, May 8 (AFP) - Uganda has officially decided to withdraw troops from most of its positions in the Democratic of Congo (DRC), but will remain party to the Lusaka peace process, Foreign Minister Eriya Kategaya said Tuesday.
from the following positions in the DRC: Basankusu, Dongo, Gemena, Gbadolite, Lisala, Bagasende, Isiro, Butembo, Beni and Kanyabayonga, Kategaya said in a statement.
Only three months ago, former NPC and deputy premier Eriya Kategaya was widely quoted in the media alleging that if President Yoweri Museveni stood for the 2006 elections, the Banyankole would suffer political retribution.
FORMER First Deputy Prime Minster Eriya Kategaya is willing to meet President Yoweri Museveni to discuss the future of the country.