Minister of State for Higher Education Gabriel Opio of Uganda

Opio said the ministry had plans of developing the nursing school.
UGANDA needs nurses who have developed the core competency required to provide quality care to patients, state minister for higher education Gabriel Opio has said.
But Opio was unimpressed by most Kabarole district leaders who shunned the ceremony.
Minister Opio said the problem was detected earlier and that the the ministry is rolling out a curriculum, effective this year, to help primary pupils gain skills in reading and writing, right from primary two.
Mr Opio said the ministry is now looking towards consolidating the gains of UPE over the last 11 years since its launch in 1997.
Mr Opio said the ministry is often frustrated by parents who take their children to primary schools before they are six years old, something which increases dropout rates, as the children quickly get disinterested in education.
Addressing journalists in Kampala recently, Gabriel Opio said corporal punishment has been linked to the high drop out rate in schools.
State Minister for Economic Planning Gabriel Opio said the money will be used to procure drugs, condoms, HIV test kits, lab equipment, reagents and disinfectants, and to assist non-governmental organizations in their efforts.
State Minister for Higher Education, Gabriel Opio said the government will disburse Shs2 billion to increase supervision and assessment of primary pupils.
Ultimate MediaThe minister of State for higher education, Gabriel Opio has blamed petty trade for the high rate of school drop out at schools on Ugandas borders.
Opio says that many pupils at Ugandas borders drop out of school to engage in petty trade of different goods and services.
macroeconomic stability and predictability.
Higher Education Minister Gabriel Opio has called for more investment in higher education, saying it plays a vital role in development, reports New Vision.
Opio was addressing teachers during the Kayunga district teachersÂ’ day celebrations on Friday.