Minister of State for Local Government Hope Mwesigye of Uganda

The Minister of State for Local Government Hope Mwesigye was quoted by state-owned New Vision on Friday saying that the Closed Circuit TV cameras would be installed to monitor security, detect and stop crime.
When Kassiano Wadri learnt of what Mwesigye was trying to engineer, he too rushed to Tandekwire’s office which is not very far from his, seeking to know what was going on.
Mwesigye had been summoned to the committee during the investigations to explain why she was sending text messages asking MPs to save Mbabazi.
Hope Mwesigye is a lawyer, Member of Parliament and Minister.
The Ugandan Parliament is to debate an institutional reform beginning on 5 February tabled by the Minister for Local Administration, Hope Mwesigye, who is a loyal supporter of President Yoweri Museveni as well as being the sister-in-law of the Minister for Security, Amama Mbabazi.
Hope Mwesigye met with representatives of the MCCI on the 28 April 2008.
Hope Mwesigye said that Uganda can export meat, cereal as well as dairy products to Mauritius.
As Security Minister Amama Mbabazi appears before the Parliamentary Committee investigating the controversial NSSF-Wakiso Land transaction today, it has emerged that State Minister for Local Government Hope Mwesigye has also been summoned by the MPs.
If Ms Mwesigye is very interested in the committee’s work, she should appear and tell US exactly how we (the committee) can defend Mbabazi.
Ms Mwesigye is scheduled to appear before the committee on Monday next week.
Ms Mwesigye said her message was meant to appeal to workers’ MPs to protect Mr Mbabazi from some MPs who were taking advantage to politicise the matter.
Ms Mwesigye said she was abroad when she sent the message because she thought the investigation had been politicised.
Ms Mwesigye said she was amazed to see press reports quoting politicians swearing that the security minister “must go”, citing reasons like “the succession queue.
Asked whether she was not peddling political influence to save a brother-in-law, Ms Mwesigye said because she is an MP, there was no reason why she couldn’t influence decisions of the committee.
Ms Mwesigye is the Kabale woman member of parliament and state minister for local government.
Ms Mwesigye is a sister-in-law to Mr Mbabazi who is viewed locally in Kegezi as the next in line of succession to the presidency.
On her alliance with the resident district commissioner Lt Henry Mwesigye to fight others using security machinery, Mwesigye said that those were unfair allegations against her and people who want to development.
LOCAL government state minister Hope Mwesigye has asked Kampala City Council (KCC) to implement public health laws and ordinances that allow the arrest of pedestrians and motorists who dump garbage in the city.
Mwesigye said Kiteezi, KCC’s dumping site in Wakiso, was not a solution to the garbage problem in the city.
Following the fall out between Museveni and Otafiire, Hope Mwesigye was given a green light to take charge of the Ministry of Local Government.
Mwesigye was presenting a proposal to the committee by Kampala City Council to borrow 16.
Hope Mwesigye is the Ugandan minister of state in charge of local government.
Mwesigye says the peace caravan to Juba is made up of women from every aspect of the Ugandan society.
Mwesigye says while in Juba, the women will meet with both sides in the peace talks to express their desire that the Ugandan people have had enough of the 20 year-old conflict in Northern Uganda.
Mwesigye said Besigye is not above the law, and she hoped he would use the opportunity of getting his passport to travel to the United States.
State minister for local government Hope Mwesigye says government has already achieved 60% in preparation to CHOGM.