Minister of State for Regional Affairs Isaac Musumba of Uganda

Ugandan State Minister for Foreign Affairs Isaac Musumba came here on Tuesday to hand over the invitation to the Chief Advisor.
Talking to reporters at a brief meeting with the Foreign Affairs Advisor, Musumba said he came here with "a special message and invitation from President Yoweri Museveni to his brother and colleague the Chief Advisor to atend the summit" Fifty-four Heads of State or Government, former colonies of Britain, meet every two years under the banner of the Commonwealth for strengthening cooperation in different fields among the member states.
Regional Affairs State Minister Isaac Musumba said there was need to review visa fees because the country had reached a level of attracting more tourists and investors.
Musumba was responding to MPs concern over why foreigners pay little money for entry visas yet Ugandans are charged very highly to get visas to foreign countries.
Isaac Musumba has said, reports Abubaker Mukose.
Musumba said people living with HIV/Aids need affirmative action because their role in the community has helped to control the disease.
Musumba said following the World Trade Organisation's recent clearance allowing the poor and HIV/AIDS hit countries to manufacture HIV drugs, Uganda was considering to avail them to the victims at affordable prices.
Foreign Affairs State Minister Isaac Musumba said Belgiums aid to Uganda had risen to 64 million Euro from the current 24 million Euro.
State minister for foreign affairs Isaac Musumba said a detailed list of transfers was yet to be issued.
Foreign affairs state minister Isaac Musumba said yesterday that the deployment of 1,500 Ugandan troops under the African Union had enabled Somalia's transitional government to shift from Baidoa to the capital, Mogadishu.
If they had not deployed, even the relief that is coming through the airport and the port wouldn't be there," Musumba said during a press briefing to mark Africa Day that falls on every May 25.
Isaac Musumba receives Credentials,May 6,2008.
Isaac Musumba met with the German delegation led by Dr.
Musumba takes over from lock Daniel Canowira who has been stand-in skipper.
Musumba is contesting on the FDC ticket.
Musumba was nominated on Tuesday while Paul Lubowa (Independent) was nominated on Wednesday.
Isaac Musumba expressed sympathy for the areas that have been affected by the floods.
Mr Musumba said the government would engage GoSS to find solutions.
Earlier, talking to reporters at a brief meeting with the Foreign Affairs Adviser Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, Musumba said he came here with ¬ďa special message and invitation from President Yoweri Museveni to his brother and colleague the chief adviser to attend the summit.
The state minister for foreign affairs (regional cooperation), Mr Isaac Musumba said yesterday, Uganda will take advantage of the OIC Foreign Affairs Meeting and the Business Forum to showcase its newly discovered oil deposits.
Ultimate MediaThe State Minister for Regional Cooperation, Isaac Musumba has rubbished reports in the media that the government spends over shs2 billion to draft letters for the President and a minister.
While Presenting the Foreign Affairs report in the Plenary today, Musumba said that government had contracted only public Relations firms to improve on the image of the country ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November.
Musumba says that there are capable Ugandans and English professors who can be contracted to do the work, adding that it was an insult to the government to be accused of such things.
Asked by Aruu MP, Odongo Otto to account for the shs5 billion budgeted for the CHOGM media relations, Musumba said that apart from the adverts being done in the media in Uganda, the money was also being spent on adverts in media in Commonwealth member countries.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister for Regional Affairs, Isaac Musumba has revealed that Uganda is to host the international conference of the Organization of Islamic Council in April next year.
Musumba said Uganda defeated Kazakhstan to host the event.