Minister of State for Youth James Kinobe of Uganda

Minister Kinobe praised the Kimeeza participants for their demonstrable commitment to reconciliation and reconstruction.
This will bring a new dimension of infection, Kinobe said yesterday.
cocaine and heroin pills by their accomplices.
Life on the streets Kinobe said the government wanted to stop one of the "pull factors" - easy money - by outlawing donations from pedestrians to these "abused children.
Major Kinobe said this would help those in the reproductive age to give birth to children who are free of the virus, and also avoid spreading it.
Major Kinobe said programmes like Voluntary Counseling and Testing, Prevention of mother to child Transmission of Aids should be accessible to help those who are infected to live positively during adulthood and also have children who are negative.
But Mr Kinobe said the quality was good and some were attached to the invitation letters to member states and used for publicity.
Mr Kinobe said the MP was paid this money in form of allowances and consultancy fee for 10 months.
Kinobe said the government wanted to stop one of the pull factors - easy money - by outlawing donations from pedestrians to these abused children.
Kinobe said the question of what one studied is very important in finding a job.
Kinobe was assigned the role of sensitizing the people within Central Region which is openly opposed to the Bill.
Kinobe says according to his findings Buganda generally supports the Land Bill, but holds some reservations on some clauses.
Kinobe says that police needs to investigate the matter exhaustively so as to burst the racket that is masterminding the kidnaps.
Ultimate MediaThe State Minister for Children Affairs, James Kinobe has decried the increase in cases of child exploitation in the country.
Kinobe says that many adult people are leading children into drug abuse and commercial sexual in different parts of the country.
Kinobe says tough penalties should be devised for perpetrators and possibly people who witness the several abuses against children.