Minister for Trade and Industry Janat Mukwaya of Uganda

Ugandan Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hajat Janat Mukwaya has said ministers who disagree with the cabinet's position to review the constitution should resign first before making statements in public, Radio Uganda reported Thursday.
Mukwaya was responding to Thursday's local press reports that some ministers have disowned particular proposals in Tuesday's cabinet white paper on constitutional review, in particular a recommendation that the parliament be granted powers to remove traditional leaders if they violate the constitution.
Mukwaya said coordinated efforts by the government have led to an increase in tourists from 540,000 in 2006 to 642,000 in 2007.
Mukwaya said the new board has to ensure that tourism becomes the leading economic sector.
The continued illegal export is responsible for the low production capacity of the local steel mills, which has strained industrial activity in the sector in addition to the illegal scrap export being partly responsible for the theft of power transmission lines, Mukwaya was quoted as saying in a statement.
Mukwaya said the scheduled referendum was not in disregard of the court ruling, which had noted that a new referendum on political systems would be illegal.
12th December 1951 in Mukono District.
I am not sure whether Mukwaya has given an explanation … but the President was concerned.
Ms Mukwaya said she had held a meeting with the traders, but if they are dissatisfied “let them engage me if they can.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Janat Mukwaya has told parliament that the Ankole Kingdom royal regalia are safe.
Mukwaya says the increase is as a result of high demand for Ugandan goods in Southern Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Her Excellency Janat Mukwaya is the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development in Uganda.