Minister of State for Environment Jessica Eriyo of Uganda

Eriyo is the official candidate of the ruling National Resistance Movement after beating Vuni in the primaries.
Ms Eriyo has now told Mps that to protect the forests from encroachment and destruction, the government has proposed for the formation as an Environmental Police unit that will work alongside Nema, NFA.
Ms Eriyo said rural women rank highest in environmental degradation because they find firewood the cheapest source of fuel for cooking.
Ms Eriyo said several efforts by the government, international and local organisations aimed at protecting the environment have not yielded fruit basically because "the real destroyer of the environment; the rural woman has not been involved.
Ms Eriyo said 20 per cent of the environment degradation is a result of deforestation and wetland encroachment leading to floods, soil.
Environment state minister Jessica Eriyo said this on Thursday.
charset="US-ascii"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Uganda: River Nile Pollution Upsets EriyoThe Monitor (Kampala)13 November 2007Anisa MafoodhKampalaTHE state minister for Environment, Ms Jessica Eriyo has warnedindustrialists and upstream farmers against contaminating River Nile, sayingthis jeopardises the health of other users.
Ms Eriyo said subsistence farmers were invading fragile ecological areasalong the shores of the River and clearing the vegetative cover, resultingin rapid erosion of the fertile loam soil downstream to other Nile basincountries like Sudan and Egypt.
color:windowtext'>styleD'font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>13 November 2007Anisa MafoodhKampalastyleD'font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>THE state minister forEnvironment, Ms Jessica Eriyo has warned industrialists and upstream farmersagainst contaminating River Nile, saying this jeopardises the health of otherusers.
styleD'font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>Ms Eriyo said subsistence farmerswere invading fragile ecological areas along the shores of the River andclearing the vegetative cover, resulting in rapid erosion of the fertile loamsoil downstream to other Nile basin countries like Sudan and Egypt.
Eriyo is referencing a report Climate Change: Uganda National Adaptation Programmes of Action, which was put together by a team of 33 Ugandan experts.
the ministerial roundtable meeting on climate change.
State Minister for Environment Jessica Eriyo has directed police and National Forest Authority staff to evict cattle keepers grazing their animals in Kyahi forest reserve.
Eriyo is the official NRM candidate after beating Vuni in the primaries.
Mugenyi said Eriyo was still in Police custody, where she was being protected from the irate supporters and family of the deceased.
Eriyo said even the sub-county LC3 chairman was blocked from going to the forest reserve to encourage conservation.
Eriyo said the United Nations refugee agency should do more to restore the environment destroyed by the refugees.
Environment state minister Jessica Eriyo said the water weed also harbours snakes which are a threat to the fishing industry.
Eriyo was addressing delegates from Kwazulu Natal Province, South Africa at the ministry offices in Luzira on Thursday.
Ultimate MediaThe state minister for Environment Jessica Eriyo has said that use of agriculture bio-technology to produce food will help to save forests and wetlands that are being destroyed as a result of labor intensive technology used in agriculture production.
While speaking at a recent agricultural forum in Kampala, Eriyo said that bio-technology enables increased agricultural production on a small piece of land because high breed varieties of crops and animals are used.
Ultimate Media The State Minister for Environment, Jessica Eriyo has announced that government is to evict all Encroachers from the Central Forest Reserves.
Eriyo was on Monday addressing Kibaale district Leaders and other stakeholders in the District Council Hall at the district Headquarters.
Eriyo says that although there have been allegations that President Museveni issued an executive order that people should not be evicted, it was during Campaigns, before Cabinet had not yet reviewed the National Forestry and Tree planting Act.
Eriyo says that Government is to evict all people who have encroached on any Forest Reserve in the country.
Eriyo was flanked by the State Minister for Internal Affairs Matia Kasaija, State Minister for Lands Dr.
Eriyo says that government can only degazette the forest on request from the district council and approval of Parliamnet.