Minister for Works John Nasasira of Uganda

Nasasira said over the weekend that RVR, the concessionaire of the Uganda and Kenya railways, had not performed to expectations.
Nasasira said the ministry would provide Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) with sh280m for maintenance of closed railway lines during this financial year.
Nasasira said feasibility studies for the re-opening of the closed lines would be undertaken during this financial year.
Nasasira said the probe team would resume work in the second week of February.
Nasasira said Uganda's adoption of the report marks the end of the joint inquiry into the accident.
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Uganda: Nasasira Knows Why We Do Not Have a New Bridge The Monitor.
UGANDAJOHN NASASIRAUgandan public works, transport and communications minister John Nasasira has appointed several new members to the boards of three state-owned companies.
John Nasasira has urged Church leaders and Christians to start up self-sustaining projects to fight poverty and to foster development.
Uganda’s Minister of Transport, the Honourable John Nasasira was the guest of honour at the 2008 African Make Roads Safe Conference held in Kampala on 7th April.
In his keynote address Minister Nasasira described road safety as a “national top priority issue” of the Ugandan Government and a “growing worldwide concern.
DP President General, John Ssebaana Kizito told journalists in a press briefing at the DP headquarters on Tuesday that Mr Nasasira is sleeping while accidents continue to kill people on the road.
Mr Nasasira is doing his work and therefore he can’t resign,” Ms Kataike said.
Uganda’s minister of Transport, Works and Communications, Hon John Nasasira was in Kigali for the Comesa ministerial summit on Information Communication Technologies from September 1 to 3.
Instead of chewing his loot quietly Nasasira is mocking and bluffing his loot victims who are the people of Uganda.
Nasasira said the tarmacking of the stretch would be carried out in two phases.
Nasasira said some of the issues to be discussed were not for the public but other sources told Daily Monitor that the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the new House was most likely to feature.
Nasasira said Ugandan authorities would spend another one month looking into why the pilot opted to fly low "yet he was trained to fly in bad weather using instruments.
WORKS minister John Nasasira has ordered for the closure of two bridges in eastern Uganda.
Nasasira was on a three-day tour of eastern Uganda to assess the damage onto the road network and the bridges.
Nasasira said the laws and policies should sometimes be bent so as order to assist people during disasters.
Earlier, while meeting the Mbale district leaders, Nasasira said the Uganda National Road Authority boss would be appointed next month.
John Garang died with 12 other people on July 30 is to be flown home, Works, Transport and Communications Minister, John Nasasira said yesterday.
Nasasira said as a way forward in the probe, the Sudan and Uganda teams have agreed to send the CVR and FDR to Kazan Helicopters, the manufacturers in Russia for examination.
Nasasira said while Sudan endorsed the technical committees report without comment, Uganda agreed to it but made some comments on certain issues.
Nasasira said the Government had agreed to take over the maintenance of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) roads in order to reduce KCC’s costs.
Nasasira was appearing before the select committee on CHOGM to give accountability for the funds allotted to his ministry and to review the sector’s performance.
Nasasira said maintenance work would continue until June next year.
The Ugandan government will spend around USD5 million on telecoms services in rural areas by the end of 2005, Communications Minister John Nasasira said recently at the relaunch of local operator Celtel.
John Nasasira has called on the Police and Kampala City Council to strictly enforce the traffic law so that those who violate the road safety rules are punished.
Nasasira said this while officiating at the opening of the phase one of the road project for the improvement of traffic flow in Kampala.