Minister for Local Government Kahinda Otafiire of Uganda

Ugandan Minister of Lands, Water and Environment Kahinda Otafiire has asked the police to arrest the people smoking in public places, The New Vision reported on Friday.
Speaking at the opening of a workshop on environmental crimes here on Thursday, Otafiire said he was surprised to hear the police say they could not enforce the ban.
agricultural production and improve safe water use.
Local Government Minister Kahinda Otafiire has rubbished suggestions that he could be arrested for alleged complicity in war crimes in the DR Congo, saying that after all he never ate any Congolese nationals.
Otafiire said he is not worried at all that he is one of the Ugandan generals who could be picked up following the surprise arrest a week ago of Mr Jean-Pierre Bemba, a former Congolese rebel chief and onetime vice-president.
Otafiire was variously involved in DR Congo affairs from before the 1997 ouster of Mobutu Sese Seko, escaping narrowly when the Rwandan and Ugandan forces exchanged fire in Kinshasa in 1999.
Otafiire was exonerated by this commission.
Otafiire said in the phone interview.
performance of the Ugandan national anthem.
Otafiire is set to address Ugandans in the Diaspora on June 7 at the Uganda High Commission Hall at an event organised by NRM UK Northern Ireland Chapter to mark Uganda Week.
Otafiire is not on the official delegation that President Museveni chose to represent him at the event dubbed “The Uganda Week” and is reportedly meant to drum up support for the fourth term, the minister is apparently already stealing the show.
Local Government Minister Kahinda Otafiire has said the NRM party will not hand over power even if it loses in democratic elections.
Otafiire is a member of Cabinet and his remarks in public are expected to reflect the government thinking.
Kumar to allege that the fellow stole it.
Krall had bought, Otafiire was asked.
Thus a project that Otafiire was handling as ESO boss, could easily go bad after he was transferred to President's Office, then later Local Government, and David Pulkol his successor after Maj.
LOCAL government minister Kahinda Otafiire was voted the worst-performing minister of the year by The New Vision readers.
Authority to halt fresh encroachment into forest reserves.
forest reserves will be evicted if they fail to plant 1,000 trees annually.
to do with the delay by the RCD to initial the ceasefire agreement.
Ugandan minister sacks forestry department staff KAMPALA, Oct 4 (Xinhua) -- Ugandan Minister of Water, Lands and Environment Kahinda Otafiire has sacked the entire Forestry Department staff including acting commissioner Deo Byarugaba and his deputy one Ndimukulaga, reported Sunday Vision newspaper to be published on Sunday.
Otafiire said the ministry would table a Bill to parliament to make tree planting compulsory.
Kahinda Otafiire has admitted that the Malaysians applied for land to construct a recreation centre.
Responding to a question raised by the Jinja municipality MP Harry Kasigwa on the status of the source of the Nile, Otafiire said that land would not be allocated to anybody.
Minister Kahinda Otafiire described his late wife as a loving person and a unifying family factor.
Otafiire has recently been in the spotlight for his role in Kampala City Council’s controversial sale of the Lugogo playground to Valley View Apartments and the Nakasero Market lease to Sheila Investments, a company owned by Hassan Basajjabalaba.
Otafiire was reported to Uganda Human Rights Commission for neglecting children he fathered, but the tribunal’s summons and decrees went largely unheeded.
Last year Otafiire was involved in wrangles between rival groups of the Muslim Sunni Association resulting in one group suing.
Otafiire came highly recommended by a friend of Museveni’s as just the right person to co-ordinate the group’s revival, which was achieved by 1976.
Otafiire was at one time the Chief Political Commissar of National Resistance Army.
Otafiire was the presidential adviser on Uganda’s mission to rout ADF rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a position he once told fellow MPs he was against, but had to obey his boss’ orders.
As a result, Otafiire was among those implicated in the plundering of Congo’s wealth, particularly of timber.
On his part, Otafiire says he is determined to leave a mark in the ministry while he heads it.
Otafiire was speaking during the annual general meeting for the Urban Authorities Association of Uganda in Mbale.
Otafiire said the physical planning of towns has been abused by local governments� leaders and technical staff to the effect that structures have been erected in gazetted green zones, sewerage lanes and road reserves.
But the acting committee Chairperson, Charles Ekemu, told journalists that Otafiire denied having directed the Acting Commissioner of Lands to transfer the sublease transferred.
Otafiire said he only requested the Commissioner to have the sublease transferred and that he should have declined the request if he deemed it unjust.
But the Committee members insist that Otafiire has a case to answer.
Local Government Minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire has offered Nateete Market to traders.
This directive takes immediate effect as we sort out the wrangles surrounding the market,” Gen Otafiire said in his letter addressed to city mayor, Al-Hajji Nasser Sebaggala.
Otafiire said traders should with immediate effect start collecting market dues to cater for garbage management, water bills, and electricity and cleaning the drainage system.
Environment Minister Kahinda Otafiire said the law applies to smoking in restaurants, educational institutions and bars, the BBC reported Friday.
However, Otafiire says that government entered into a legal contract with the developers and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the bonafide tenants.