Minister of State for Minerals Kamanda Bataringaya of Uganda

The Minister of State for Minerals Kamanda Bataringaya was not available for comment.
Bataringaya said through Mugenyi's effort, there has been a drop in the AIDS infection rate of 30% about 10 years ago to 6% now.
The power to be exported will be tapped from Nyahuka in Fort Portal and near Mpondwe in Kasese, State minister for minerals, Kamanda Bataringaya said yesterday.
2007 Bataringaya said the Government would construct the proposed plant near the oil sites in Hoima district with the help of oil companies.
Bataringaya was leading the parliamentary natural resources and national economy committee on a tour of the oil exploration areas on the shores of Lake Albert.
Addressing the press at Kyehoro, the camping site for Tullo Company, Bataringaya said the proposed refinery will produce diesel, kerosene and "heavy fuel oils" for electric power generation.
Kamanda Bataringaya is pleased to announce that a mineral sector development program including an airborne geophysical program has commenced in mineral rich areas of Uganda.
A master of business administration and a medical doctor, Bataringaya has been Minerals Minister for the past eight years.
500m spent on petroleum imports-04 Aug 2008New Vision,Kamanda Bataringaya said East Africa imports petroleum products worth about $2b, which is 20% of the the region’s import bill.
State Minister for Mineral Development, Kamanda Bataringaya said at the launch held in Kampala on Friday, that the policy would guide the ministry in implementing measures aimed at enhancing HIV/Aids prevention, treatment and care for its staff.
Dr Bataringaya said yesterday that Cabinet recently approved Shs50 billion for restocking the reserves but gave no specific date by which this would be done.
Kamanda Bataringaya said East Africa imports petroleum products worth about $2b, which is 20% of the the region’s import bill.
Bataringaya said the petroleum expenditure takes a sizeable portion of Uganda’s export earnings.
Bataringaya said the early production scheme would provide heavy fuel oil that would address the power shortage.
We'll certainly not allow these companies to exploit customers," Dr Bataringaya said without specifying what punitive action government would mete out to guilty companies.
Dr Bataringaya said the government could not rein-in extortionist pricing by petroleum dealers because the country runs a market economy.
Dr Bataringaya said the government was appealing to oil companies to buy more truck tankers to ferry in more fuel and considering tax incentives for companies that import fuel through the Dar es Salaam route.
Bataringaya said the discovery of oil poses new challenges that have to be addressed through a new policy.