Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Khiddu Makubuya of Uganda

Makubuya said he used last year's fund to buy seeds to distribute to residents to boost food production in the constituency.
Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, and Attorney General, Khiddu Makubuya is soon expected to introduce the bill in parliament for its first reading.
Makubuya said the automatic promotion policy was based on certain assumptions.
Khiddu-Makubuya said the agreement provided for sending students from Uganda to the VIT for postgraduate training and for the VIT to run education programmes in Uganda in cooperation with the country's training institutions.
Besides his professional experience, Dr Khiddu Makubuya has served in various administrative capacities.
Dr Khiddu Makubuya joined politics in 1988 and in 1996 he was elected Member of Parliament for Katikamu South Constituency in Luwero District.
Dr Khiddu Makubuya has attended numerous local, regional and international conferences.
Dr Khiddu Makubuya is a Sterling Graduate Fellow of Yale Law School and a Fellow of the Institute for the study of Politics in NewYork, USAHe was a visiting Scholar at the Law Department, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK.
In a letter dated December 7, to the Electoral Commission Chairman (EC), Dr Badru Kiggundu, Makubuya said the jailed FDC President (pictured) has no integrity and his conduct was a subject of serious criminal proceedings and should not be nominated as a presidential candidate.
on the basis of peasantry forms of production.
Whenever we talk about Buganda assets, Dr Makubuya takes Parliament for a ride and has stubbornly refused to bring a list of the same,” Mr Lukwago wrote.
According to a copy of the question for oral answers seen by Daily Monitor, Dr Makubuya was required to provide relevant answers to the controversy of the 9,000 square miles claimed by Buganda among other assets.
THE Government does not owe Makerere University Business School (MUBS) any money, education minister Dr Khiddu Makubuya has said.
In a statement to Parliament yesterday, Makubuya said the Nakawa-based school could only be experiencing budgetary problems and should use internally generated funds to meet any shortfalls.
Makubuya said in his statement that Balunywa’s earlier claim for additional funds had been made on a wrong premise and that there was no warrant to give the school supplementary appropriation.
Khiddu Makubuya has issued a press release ostensibly defending Justices of the High Court.
Minister of Education Khiddu Makubuya was quoted as saying this was a move to improve economic and social transformation in the east African country.
Makubuya says that the bill, which is being scrutinized by the committee, should be passed in order to enable political parties to access public funds to run their activities.
Makubuya says that the political parties will be mandated to use the funds availed to them for the running of their party activities.
At the end of the parliamentary session, Khiddu Makubuya said government will not withdraw the bill but they are just delayed by the on going consultations.