Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Office of the Prime Minister Musa Ecweru of Uganda

It is stated that in September 2007 at his home in Namuwongo, Ecweru had sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old girl and made her pregnant.
Owing to that relationship, Okiror claims Ecweru took his daughter to his home in 2006 promising to pay for her education but instead had sex with her.
The statement says the victim gave birth to a baby girl whom Ecweru has abandoned and refused to provide for.
He said that Ecweru had stood for him the last time he was arrested and therefore, he would not be the one seeking to tarnish his name.
Ecweru is my brother and very good friend," Mukula said.
STATE minister for disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru has described the defilement allegations as trumped-up, orchestrated by his opponents to bring him down politically and to injure his family and reputation.
According to the summons, issued by Buganda Road Court chief magistrate Margaret Tibulya, Ecweru is accused of defiling a 17-year-old girl.
The charge sheet stated that in September 2007, at his home in Namuwongo, Ecweru had sexual intercourse with Joan Idu and made her pregnant.
But at the press conference, Ecweru denied a girl with that name stayed at his home in Namuwongo.
Ecweru said his political opponents had mixed things up.
Ecweru was commissioning the Kasese Women's Learning Centre, where women will be trained to acquire various skills to enable them initiate self-help income generating projects.
SOROTI RDC Musa Ecweru has advised youth from Teso, Karamoja and Acholi regions to intermarry in order to forge peace.
Ecweru was opening a workshop organised by the Jamii ya Kupatanisha (Fellowship for Reconciliation.
State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru said on May 21, 2008 that rising food prices were threatening emergency food relief efforts in Ugandas drought-stricken north.
Ecweru said the security committee had given the herdsmen a two-week ultimatum to vacate the wetlands before they were forcefully evicted.
Briefing journalists on the situation in Karamoja in Kampala last Thursday after his recent visit to the region, Mr Ecweru said the situation is very bad.
The officer told me that the RDC, Musa Ecweru had instructed them to transport the three suspects to his office in Soroti.
At this point, seven Arrow Boys and RDC Ecweru took Obwangor a few metres away.
Schools are expected to re-open on May 24 for the second term but Mr Ecweru said this would depend on whtehr schools meet the requirements.
Mr Ecweru said boarding schools must have two entrances and emergency exits to its dormitories as well as fire-fighting equipment.
Mr Sserunjogi added: “In any case, this is what we want to put in the new Education Bill, but not in a rush manner as Mr Ecweru is suggesting.
THE government plans to construct food storage facilities (silos) countrywide to fight soaring food shortages, State Minister for Relief Disaster preparedness Mr Musa Ecweru has revealed.
Mr Ecweru said the plan, under the ministry’s new comprehensive national policy on disaster preparedness, would assist the government to handle post-harvest challenges, which are fueling famine in the country.
Mr Ecweru said reservoirs would be built basing on regions.
Mr Ecweru said disasters, which originate from prolonged drought not only affect hundreds of thousands of people, but also contribute to the vulnerability of the local population through food shortages, famine and starvation.
ARROW Boys militia coordinator Musa Ecweru has been dragged to the Uganda Human Rights commission (UHRC) for allegedly torturing Banyankole herdsmen who have now camped in wetlands in Teso.
The State minister for disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru says due to heavy rains, people in Bundibugyo, Kasese and areas around Mt Elgon are likely to experience land slides.
Kumi - Government has set aside Shs6b to avert famine in Teso sub region, State minister for Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru has said.
Addressing different rallies in Kumi Boma ground and Ngora County headquarters, last Friday, Mr Ecweru said residents will not experience famine as President Museveni had ordered the Finance ministry to give his Ministry shs6bn.
Mr Ecweru was responding to requests by Kumi MPs who included Mr Patrick Amuriat (Kumi county), Mr Francis Epetait (Ngora county), and Ms Agnes Akiror (Woman MP), for President Museveni to consider helping Teso out of another looming famine.
Years later, Ecweru was elected to represent to Amuria County in Parliament despite the hostility his NRM party suffered in Teso.
Ecweru was rewarded with an appointment as RDC for Kasese District in 2002.
It is not the first time Ecweru is appearing in court.
Rising food prices are threatening emergency food relief efforts in Uganda's drought-stricken north, State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru said Wednesday.
Reports have surfaced of the residents of Karamoja resorting to eating rats after two years straight of extreme drought, but Ecweru said that "rats have always been eaten im Karamoja, with or without famine.
Ecweru said the government would tomorrow begin ferrying food to those affected by the floods in eastern regions, better known for the recurrent droughts that normally plague the nomadic pastoralists living there.
Musa Ecweru has appealed to the government of Uganda to allocate more 4 billion shilling to the Internally Displaced people of Northern Uganda so as to help them return back to their homes.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru has said that many Non-Governmental Organizations in the country get money from donors and spend it on things that don’t benefit the people at the grassroots.
Ecweru says that many NGOs use money on endless workshops and capacity building while others spend heavy amounts on what he called “useless” researches, instead of spending the money on improving the lives of local Ugandans.
Ecweru was on Thursday presiding at the end of the Red Cross week at King George Stadium in Tororo.
Ecweru said the death toll was expected to rise with rain still falling across large areas of the affected region.
Ecweru said around 150,000 people had to move after being caught between rising flood waters.
Ecweru said that the joint aid effort by the Ugandan government and the United Nations was being hampered by limited access with roads and bridges submerged in many areas.
PledgeEcweru said that the Government holds WFP and its staff in high regard and that WFP always responds promptly when Ugandans are in distress.