Minister of State for Trade Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi of Uganda

KAMPALA (AFP) East African nations can limit the impact of the global financial crisis by focusing on regional trade, Ugandan State Minister for Trade Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi said Friday.
the Minister of state for Trade Hon Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi said that the creation of this association was indeed in synergy with governments quest to promote local and foreign investments in tourism so that this important sector would become a key means of poverty eradication.
JAGGERY producers operating without a license will face action, the Trade State Minister Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi has said.
This is particularly important at this time when more than ever our world is faced with the increasing desire for food availability, access and security,” Mr Wambuzi said in a statement read for him by the Principal Commercial Officer at the ministry, Mr Peter Elimu Elyetu.
Gagawala Wambuzi is a Member of Parliament for Bulamogi county, Kaliro district.
State Minister for Trade Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi said the Lions’ programme to eradicate poverty, helping the disadvantaged and voluntary service to the suffering, are in line with the government's Prosperity for All project.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of sate for Trade, Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi has said that African trade and industries are too weak to compete internationally if not protected.
This policy will market our products at all levels," Wambuzi said at a stakeholders' conference at Protea Hotel in Kololo, Kampala, last week.